Football Game and #AmWatching

If you celebrate Labor Day, hope everyone is enjoying this long holiday weekend. We spent it in Charlotte visiting family and attending the Clemson-Georgia football game Saturday night. Hubby and I earned our graduate degrees from Clemson University, and a business associate of his got us tickets. Our oldest son is all about sports, so he flew down and met us. Lots of energy, plenty of good-natured ribbing between most fans, and perfect weather. Here are some pics from the game. Those skydivers always amaze me the way they can land on the 50 yard line. Skydiving is something that’s on my bucket list, and I’m determined to give it a try.

You notice above I said “most” fans. There’s always one who takes it all too seriously and tries to start things with fans from the other team. We had two within three rows of us. One nearly got thrown out – have no idea why they didn’t insist he leave – and the other sat directly in front of us. The sad thing was the little boy sitting beside him (not his father) who had to witness all the bad sportsmanship and immature behavior.

Hubby and I started watching Succession last week – aging patriarch of a business empire, four ambitious adult children, one trying to force out the father so he can take over, division of family loyalties, lots of backstabbing and manipulation – you get the picture. There’s not one likeable character on the whole show, but we’re hooked. Two seasons are on HBO Max right now, and I think a third is being released soon.

Wishing you all a great week!

32 thoughts on “Football Game and #AmWatching

  1. suerovens

    I’m curious. What was the mask/distancing situation? Was there even a “situation”? Our numbers are still pretty “hinky” here in central Illinois. (and…did your team win?)

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    1. Masks not required outside, but they were inside. That was the NC rule. Probably about 75% followed those rules. There was a situation with one of those fans – I missed it during a potty break, lol.


    1. We had a great time with him, Miriam, and the other son is flying home this Friday. Skydiving is always something I wanted to do. Where we lived previously there was a place close to us but every time I called no one answered – not even a way to leave a voicemail. Maybe I’ll get to it someday!


      1. It’s great when you can see your sons so often, Teri. Family is so important. I know it’s important to me.
        My husband is the adventuresome one, diving, gliding, sailing, helicopter flying, dirt biking, to name some. He stopped the dirt biking and flying after he met me. He got some close calls in the air and on the mountain and worried me.

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          1. I’m afraid of heights also. I can’t even go on the Disney ride that drop to the bottom at a “frightening” speed. I felt like my body was at the bottom when my heart was still at the top.
            It would be wonderful if husband and wife like the same kind of adventure.

            Both my daughter and son-in-law enjoy hiking, skiing, snow-boarding, kayaking, camping, and more because they started doing it when they were young before getting married, then before having kids.

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  2. That’s a shame about the disruption at the game (some people take sports WAY too seriously), but it sounds like overall, you had a good time.
    As for sky diving? You’re far braver than I am. That is NEVER going to happen in my lifetime, LOL!

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  3. I took the long weekend off, so I’m slow in visiting this week. Our pastor went to Clemson, so you can guess he’s a big fan. His wife got tickets to the National Championship game a couple of years ago. Sad there always has to be those around who are poor sports. Some adults are more immature than children.

    My former sister-in-law used to skydive. I’ve never had the nerve!

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  4. Victoria Zigler

    It’s always a shame when someone has to spoil things for others by taking things too far. Glad you enjoyed apart from that though, and hope the little boy didn’t learn bad habits from that one fan.

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