#AmWriting, Fantasy Football, and The Matrix

I don’t care that it’s a dreary, cloudy Monday morning – join me in a Snoopy happy dance! Today I’ll be adding the final touches on the sequel to Subject A36 and sending it to my editor – woohoo!!!!! I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I write out of sequence – weird, but it works for me – and last week I finally put the chapters in order. I balked at my word count. Something looked off, and I’d thought it was higher. Once I began the final read through, I realized I’d left out a chapter – whew! Completing this is such a weight off my shoulders. I’ve been working on this sequel for nearly two years, and I think the characters and I were getting annoyed with each other for taking this much time to complete their story. Saturday, it occurred to me my time with them was nearly over, and a wave of sadness came over me. Has this happened to you other writers out there?

My oldest son was here for the weekend. It’s fantasy football draft time! He’s in two leagues – one with friends from high school and another with fathers and sons – so he had two consecutive draft days. The second draft day was held at our house and it was fun seeing these guys together again – they’ve been friends since middle school. Where did the time go?

I read that the trailer to The Matrix Resurrections (the fourth in the series) was revealed by Warner Brothers at CinemaCon last week, but I guess it’s not out for the general public yet. Trust me – I’ve scoured the internet. I’ve been a fan of this series from the beginning and remember seeing the first movie by myself (hubby is most definitely not a fan of sci-fi) while I was pregnant with son #2. The release date is set for December 2021, so I’m super excited. Sure hope to see that trailer soon.

Hope you all have a fantastic, Snoopy dance-filled week!

31 thoughts on “#AmWriting, Fantasy Football, and The Matrix

    1. Thanks, Robbie! He made some wonderful friends when we moved here, and I’m thrilled their friendships have continued for so long. They’ve all turned into good men – and it still feels weird to say that since I remember them running around the house playing hide and seek, lol.

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  1. Victoria Zigler

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to read it. I’m sure it will be worth the two year wait though. 🙂

    It was a snoopy dance kind of Monday for me too. I finally got a decent writing session in, and realized by the time I was done I’m closer to finishing one of the stories I have in my WIP pile than I thought I would be. Given how my publishing schedule works, if I can get another couple of sessions like today in before we get too far in to September, I might even be able to get it released before Christmas (assuming editing and such all goes to schedule, and a cover can be arranged when I want it to be).

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  2. Back in my fan writing days, I co-wrote with about six friends on a plot arc that extended over 7years with each of us writing our own stories that contributed to the whole. Finishing that final story was definitely bittersweet.

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