Corgi Races, #AmWatching, and #BadMoonRising

I asked my son what he was doing this weekend, and he said he’d be attending Corgi races on Sunday. What? This is a thing? I looked into it, and it’s a yearly fundraiser for the Humane Society where he lives. They also have Weiner Dog and All Breed Rescue Run categories. Free admission, $2 corn dogs and $2 beer, and bets can be placed on the dogs. This sounds like such a fun way to raise money for the furry friends who need it at shelters. He said it was a good time, but his dogs didn’t come in. Guess there’s no early retirement for him.

Hubby and I are late to the party with this show, but we blew through Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ last week and got caught up on the couple of episodes that dropped in season 2. We’re Jason Sudeikis fans, and when I read that the show involved sports I knew hubby might enjoy it. Amusing storyline (he’s an American football coach hired to coach a professional soccer team in England), the writing is outstanding, and the actors are perfectly cast. Give it a try if you have a chance.

Signups for Bad Moon Rising started last Friday and half the spots are already full. If you’re an author of horror, thrillers, or paranormal/supernatural and would like free promotion for your book in October, click HERE for more info.

38 thoughts on “Corgi Races, #AmWatching, and #BadMoonRising

  1. That fundraiser sounds great.

    The Ted Lasso commercials make me think the show is hilarious, but I just canceled my AppleTV subscription. Jason Sudeikis is funny in everything I’ve seen him in, but I think I’ll always associate him with Horrible Bosses.

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    1. I love the Horrible Bosses movies and We’re the Millers. He also writes a lot of the episodes – I wasn’t aware he was also a writer. Does a fantastic job. We split the AppleTV subscription with the oldest son. We’ve watched a few things on it, so I guess we’re keeping it. For now.

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    1. Exactly – playtime! So adorable. It’s so hard to get hubby to watch anything, but with Ted Lasso featuring sports plus an actor he likes, I gave it a shot. Problem is, now I have nothing on the backburner with him because we plowed through those so fast.

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  2. My brother and his wife have had Corgis for as long as I can imagine. The thought of Corgis running on their short, stubby legs in a race is comical but also heartwarming. I bet it’s a blast to watch!

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