Blurb, Butterflies, and #AmWatching

I’m still working like a maniac to meet my October 1st deadline for the sequel (still untitled) to Subject A36. It occurred to me a couple weeks ago that I needed a blurb for the cover. With this being a sequel, options on who I could ask were limited. As I was putting makeup on last week (I get the best ideas doing that or when taking a shower for some reason) a name popped in my head. I asked and he agreed – which is a huge relief for me and one less thing to worry about.

A weird thing happened Friday evening. I was sitting on the patio reading when small, brown spotted butterfly landed on my hand. And stayed there. I’m a butterfly lover – I even brake for them – so I was thrilled when he stuck around. Over the next hour, he crawled from my hand to my leg, ankle, and foot. Unfortunately, Bond (my cat) discovered my new friend and nearly tagged him with a paw. A ruckus ensued (the neighbors had quite a show if they were watching), but I shooed the butterfly away while restraining Bond. I would have been horrified if Bond had killed it. There’s bound to be some bad karma attached to that. Anyhoo, I was curious and Googled what it means when brown butterflies land on you. In most cultures, it symbolizes a fresh start and also means that important news is coming. If you’re going through a rough time or have experienced a loss, it can signify the situation will get better. All good things. Again, I’m glad Bond didn’t slaughter him.

I mentioned in another fairly recent post about TV shows I watch being canceled. Add a couple more to the list – Manifest (which was supposed to have three more seasons) and Debris. Both ended on big cliffhangers naturally. The Manifest creators promised the fans they’ll have a resolution some way – maybe with a movie. Evil, a show on CBS, was renewed after season one, but moved to Paramount Plus. I guess when all the episodes from season two drop, I’ll sign up for the seven day free trial. The number of shows I watch on network television has dwindled every year and seem to be replaced with more reality shows. If it was just me I’d probably drop cable, but hubby still likes to surf the channels.

Have a great week!

32 thoughts on “Blurb, Butterflies, and #AmWatching

  1. How special to have a brown spotted butterfly land on your hand. After a friend of mine’s daughter passed away, a butterfly landed on her hand and she felt it was a sign from her daughter that everything would be all right. It made her feel better.

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  2. I almost bit the bullet to see season two of Evil (as well as next season’s SEAL Team), but I ultimately refused. I’m tired of networks putting their best content on streaming services and giving us crap on the stuff I already pay (too much) for. It’s the ultimate bait-and-switch to give me one or more seasons on network TV to get me hooked, then move the content to their paid service. It’s beyond disgusting; a gross and transparent money-grab. I’m like you and ready to cancel my TV subscription entirely.

    And the Debris cliffhanger was huge. They at least owe us a movie for closure.

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    1. It’s maddening, right? Absolutely bait and switch and so unfair to fans and folks already paying for cable. I’d love to get movies for both Manifest and Debris. Sure hope they can work something out for us loyal fans.

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  3. Mischenko

    That’s just beautiful, Teri. We’re butterfly lovers, and I never knew anything about the brown butterfly meaning. Thanks so much for sharing that. Have a wonderful week and good luck with your writing! 😃

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  4. That’s very cool about the butterfly. My cats would go crazy for sure. I mostly watch reality shows on live tv and fiction streamed. I gave up cable a while ago but keep the channels through Hulu with their Hulu Live option. I think the butterfly definitely means good tidings for you ❤️

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    1. I’m sure Bond, the butterfly, and I made a pretty loud commotion outside – especially with me yelling “Don’t kill it!” If hubby didn’t feel the need to surf, I’d give up our cable. So many other ways to watch shows.

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  5. I am sorry about the cancelled series, Teri. I hear the same comments from my mother and aunt. I haven’t watch TV for years and years. I am glad you have a name for your new novel and am looking forward to reading it. I am happy to promote it when the time comes.

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  6. suerovens

    Butterflies are magical. We’ve let tons of milkweeds grow in our yard to encourage them to hang out. I believe that all butterfly visits mean good things – but that’s just me – I don’t have any sources that confirm such things. 🙂

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  7. What a beautiful story, Teri. And I love that you had to look up the meaning of the butterfly. So very appropriate, I would say, and yes, thank goodness Bond didn’t succeed in swatting it. So many people are dropping cable and going to either Roku or using the Amazon Firestick. I watch very little TV, but I did watch the Netflix movie the other night, “Gunpowder Milkshake.” It was quite entertaining. 🙂

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  8. Victoria Zigler

    How cool about the butterfly. I’m glad you were able to stop Bond from getting hold of it.

    I took the oppertunity to switch to only streaming services when we moved. Just cancelled instead of arranging a moving home visit when we moved. It got to the stage where we mostly had it on for the chinchilla anyhow. Hubby was a little reluctant to see it go (despite watching it very rarely, and complaining about the lack of shows that weren’t reality shows when he did watch it) but then he started exploring things on Netflix and now he doesn’t even miss it.

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    1. I don’t think my hubby would survive without the Golf channel and NFL football. Plus he prefers to flip through channels rather than make a choice to watch one thing. Drives me crazy!


      1. Victoria Zigler

        My hubby used to drive me crazy channel-hopping too. Thankfully though his interest in sports is minimal, so even when we had the sports channels he wasn’t bothered about if he missed seeing the games since he could look up any results he cared about later.

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