Thistledown – Midsummer Bedlam by Teagan Riordain Geneviene #bookreview #folktales #myths

Thistledown ― Midsummer Bedlam is a wildly whimsical tale of faeries. It was originally written for a grownup audience, but it is suitable for children ages eight and over.

Thistledown is a world of color and light. It has faeries, hummingbirds, and ancient books of magic. Bedlam Thunder is a misfit faery who is afraid of heights. She is also a seer who has terrible visions of a parallel world devoid of color and brightness. The hate and darkness of that colorless world is seeping into Thistledown. Will Bedlam and her friends be able to save their home?
Thistledown ― Midsummer Bedlam, with its radiant creatures and faeries will lift your imagination to new heights. 

I first read Thistledown when it was a weekly serial on the author’s blog, but it was nice to have all the installments together in one book.

I’ve commented more than once about this author’s wildly creative imagination, and this adventure is no different. She’s created an enchanting, colorful world full of magic that’s home to numerous faeries with kaleidoscopic names. And also the coolest hummingbird I’ve come across, Bob (someone has to have a “normal” name). When Bedlam has disturbing visions of a parallel, colorless world filled with hate and darkness, it’s up to her and her friends to band together and save their home from the same fate. Their quest takes the reader through a mind-bending world filled with wondrous creations (hallucinating bats!). You may find yourself holding your breath when all seems lost and wonder how these faeries and Bob will manage to save Thistledown.

This is a delightful tale that will appeal to both children and adults. As a warning, it’s also likely to cause dreams of visiting Thistledown. I know I’d love to meet Bob!

77 thoughts on “Thistledown – Midsummer Bedlam by Teagan Riordain Geneviene #bookreview #folktales #myths

  1. Now I can’t help but picture my dad (whose name is Bob), and it’s giving everything a whole new meaning. I’ve been giggling since I saw the name. Anyway, great review of Teagan’s work. I agree with you; she is incredible imaginative. Wishing her all the best.

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    1. Hi Yesha. Thanks for visiting. Yes, serial stories have been my blogging “schtick” for about a decade. The one that ends today is a rewrite of a novel I wasn’t satisfied with, so it is an exception to the rule. But usually they are full-on “pantser” stories. Plus I get readers to leave random things, which I let drive the story. I’ll start a new one in about a month. You’re welcome to be a part of it. Hugs on the wing!

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  2. Teri, you’ve made my June! I humbly apologize for being late.
    You really put some “lift in my wings” as they’d say in Thistledown. I’m so happy you enjoyed this story. I’m delighted that you and “Fleur Thistle” could be a part of the story. Hugs on the wing!

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  4. Awesome review, Teri. Teagan has the most incredible, creative mind. It’s that July moon child thing working. Her birthday’s coming up the beginning of July. Love the scary faery names — I’m Weep Thunder. So much fun. I have the latest journey series, Dead of Winter in print books. Making my way through them. I’m a little slow, busy in the lengthy process of self-publishing my own book. Teagan’s writing is fascinating, to say the least. 📚Christine

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    1. Christine, you are so kind to remember that. We moon-kids have to stick together. 🙂 ❤ Self-publishing is not easy. Hang in there — I know you can do it.
      Thanks for being part of Thistledown, and naming Willow Rainbow! I'm so happy you are also part of the Journeys of Dead of Winter. Stay happy and sassy. Hugs on the wing!

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      1. Something tells me your birthday is on July 3rd. Mine is the 9th. You’d have at least 4 odd numbers 7319…the year? Okay if you want to keep it secret! 🤣🎶 I’m staying sassy! Hugs back, my friend. 📚🎶

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  5. You’re so right, Teri. It’s a great story, wildly imaginative, for all ages, and sure to make all readers dream of fairies and magical lands. I also read the story when it was a serial on Teagan’s blog, and I remember we had fun because many of her regular followers joined the story as characters (oh, yes, I was there and enjoyed it aplenty). Thanks a fabulous review and for reminding us that it is now available as a book. I’m always amazed by how many more things you notice when you get to read the whole story in one go (or close to). Have a great week!

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    1. You’re right about noticing more things with the whole story, Olga. I’d forgotten many details, and even when Teagan posts recaps (like with the Delta Pearl) I pick up things I’ve missed. And I loved how she added her followers to the story – so much fun!

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  6. This might be when I first realize how much fun it is to read the book version, well after the serial has ended. I enjoyed this story in both forms. Thanks for highlighting this book and Teagan’s delightful talen.

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  7. I loved this review with no reveals but a ton of enticing hints. I love the fairy name generator on Tegan’s Page so I’m either Dewberry Glimmer or Bitter Fang. I need to read this fairy story since we are in Midsummer right now and just had a Strawberry Moon.

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  8. I was on The Delta Pearl for the entire ride, but I missed this serial. It was before I met Teagan and her blog.
    You are most correct in saying she has a rich imagination.
    Nice review! Thank you!

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