Moving and #AmWatching

The youngest son’s moving plans are coming together. He’s making the 13-14 hour drive to Austin, TX by himself over two days, and hubby and I are flying down. Hubby offered to drive with him, but our son declined. Honestly, putting the two of them in the car together for that amount of time could only lead to disaster – one of them might not make it there. Our son has always criticized his dad’s driving skills, and hubby isn’t a fan of our son’s music. Being a musician, he has several instruments he’s putting in his car instead of the moving van. Three guitars, a keyboard, drums – you get the picture. With so much equipment, his roommates generously offered him the largest bedroom with an adjoining bath. He’s not an idiot – he took it.

I’ve mentioned before that I seem to be a curse to TV shows. I get interested in something, that puts a target on it, then the show gets cancelled (I’m still bitter about The Passage). Prodigal Son on Fox is the latest victim of the curse. The premise is about a gifted criminal psychologist who’s the son of serial killer. I’ve always been a fan of Michael Sheen (the father and serial killer), and Tom Payne (son and psychologist) is an alum of The Walking Dead. The show came to an abrupt end last week, but I read they’re shopping it around, so I’m hoping someone picks it up.

I’ve got a lot on my plate this week – here’s hoping for a productive week for everyone!

34 thoughts on “Moving and #AmWatching

      1. Yeah, The Passage was another one we killed.

        Netflix stepped up for Lucifer, so there’s hope. (Lucifer’s final season starts May 28. That’s bittersweet.) I’m afraid to even wish for them to save Prodigal Son, though. I need to stop watching TV. Then I won’t be disappointed when they cancel the good shows but leave all that reality crap on.

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        1. I’ve been waiting for Lucifer to start again, but I’m also sad it’s the last season. And you’re right about all the reality shows. Hubby still doesn’t believe the commercials about the putt-putt golf show – keeps insisting it must be a joke. Sadly, it’s not.

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  1. Hope all goes well with your son’s move, Teri. He definitely has a lot of instruments to take with him!

    I watched Prodigal Son in the beginning but didn’t stick with it. Sorry to hear they are cancelling it. I thought it was doing well.

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    1. We’re hoping it goes smoothly. We’ve moved both sons several times through college, but never this far away, so who knows what might happen. We’ll deal with it when it comes. I also thought Prodigal Son was doing better. The networks sure don’t mind adding more of the reality shows – see my and Staci’s comments above.

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      1. I did see those. I used to watch more TV than I do now, but everything I enjoyed always got the ax, so I don’t get too invested these days. And as for reality TV—BLECH!—I can’t even express how revolting I find the whole concept!

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  2. Mischenko

    I hope your son has a safe trip. That’s nice that his dad offered to ride along with, but I imagine my son would decline as well. 😂

    I’ll have to check out Prodigal Son. It sounds pretty good! Have a great week, Teri. 😉

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  3. I never watch TV so I don’t have this problem. I am hoping for a productive week though, with some time to push the first book in my new trilogy along a bit. I think its great that your son plays musical instruments. I gave both of mine the opportunity but one doesn’t have the love and the other doesn’t have the perseverance and dedication.

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    1. That explains how you get so much done, lol! Unlike my oldest son, the youngest was never into sports so we tried different avenues and music clicked. He says it’s the best thing I ever “forced” him to do.

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  4. Sophie @BewareOfTheReader

    The relationship between you son and husband remind me of my husband and daughter LOL! And, sorry but I think it’s funny that you could doom TV series. That’s what I am doing to everything electronics LOL

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    1. I saw where you’d mentioned some technical difficulties. I’ve accused hubby of deprogramming remotes several times. He touches it and all sorts of things go wrong, then I have to fix them. He has no talent in that area at all, lol.


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