Mother’s Day and #AmWatching

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all you moms out there! I spent my day unpacking (hubby and I visited his parents for only the second time in over a year due to Covid), then the youngest son came over. He asked if we could help with a DIY project, and I said sure. I had no idea what it was until he got here, but we spent a couple hours repurposing vinyl records. He’d found some YouTube videos, so with some old albums he’d collected, we reshaped them into bowls, shelves, and bookends. He plans to use them in his new apartment.

Which brings me to new life news. He and two other friends are moving to Austin, TX in early June. It’s something they’ve talked about for several months, and he plans to take a year off before starting grad school. We’re sad to see him go, but excited for this new chapter in his life. Plus, we’ve never been to Austin and plan to stay a few extra days and check out the city after helping him move.

Speaking of repurposing old vinyl, here are some pictures of what my sons got me for Mother’s Day. Aren’t they awesome? The artwork is painted on KISS Alive II records. I’ve been a KISS fan for years (and what a coincidence I just mentioned them in my Monday post a couple weeks ago) and plan to have these framed. Aren’t they awesome? Youngest son ran across them at an art festival. I know it may not be the typical Mother’s Day present, but my sons know me pretty well.

Hubby and I finished this short, four episode series of Secrets of the Whales last week. The show explores the cultures of orcas, belugas, narwhals, sperm whales, and humpback whales. What amazing, beautiful footage! We enjoyed every minute of this incredible series and learned a great deal about the whales, their communication skills, and social structures. If you have access to Disney+, I highly recommend watching it.

38 thoughts on “Mother’s Day and #AmWatching

    1. I think he’ll enjoy the city, but the temps are another story. He’s extremely warm-blooded, and from an early age stated he was moving to Alaska, lol. Hope you had a fabulous Mother’s Day also!

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  1. I love Texas and hope he enjoys. I’ve never been to Austin but I have visited San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas/Ft.Worth. I’ve gotten some of the best steaks I’ve ever eaten there ❤️. And, what a cool Mother’s Day gift! Have a great week 😊

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      1. When I was in the 6th grade, my best friends and I dressed up as Kiss and performed in front of the entire school. We lip synced! I was Peter Chris. LOL! When you mentioned Kiss in your last post, that immediately came to mind.

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  2. Sounds like a great Mother’s Day and what cool gifts. My son was and still is a huge KISS fan. I made him and his buddies KISS costumes one Halloween, did the makeup for them too. I hope your son enjoys Texas. xo

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    1. So cool you did your son’s and friends’ makeup, Darlene. I tried it with my oldest one year, but it’s definitely not in my skill set, lol. Still, it was a fun Halloween. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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  3. Teri, an amazing present for Mother’s Day and itsn’t it wonderful that your sons know you so well! Enjoy finding just the right frame for it! Good luck with your son’s move to Austin. Is it very far from you? It’s always bittersweet moments as the young become adults and head off their own ways. x

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    1. Austin is about a 13 hour drive – so we’ll definitely be flying. Neither hubby or I really enjoy driving – especially not that long of a distance. Fortunately, we’re an hour away from an international airport. I’ll be frame shoping soon!

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  4. suerovens

    Very groovy. I’ll tell you what – if he ever decides to hit the craft fair circuit, those albums-turned-into-other-objects are a BIG THING. Really amazing gift! Also, have you seen The Octopus Teacher yet? (I forgot if you mentioned it before…) Your post about the whales/orcas made me think of that. 🙂

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      1. suerovens

        You’re gonna flip when you see that movie. And, oh my, yes. Charlie (my DH), ran record stores for YEARS and our entire basement is basically wall to wall vinyl (and CDs).

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  5. Those album covers are so cool. I have a lot of old albums. Time to get out the crafting supplies. Lol. And thanks for the recommendation of the Secrets of the Whales. I always enjoy your suggestions. 🙂 Safe travels to you son, too.

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    1. Thanks, Diana! It was fun melting vinyl on purpose (had some not so purposeful incidents many years ago). Maybe you could start a new hobby! Secrets of Whales was wonderful. I’d watch it again.

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  6. Victoria Zigler

    Neat idea with repurposing the old records.

    As for your gift: it doesn’t matter if it’s a traditional Mothers’ Day gift, as long as it made you happy. Besides, something you’ll love that isn’t the traditional gift shows your son knows you and thinks about what you would like, rather than just buying any old thing. That’s my opinion anyhow.

    The show about the whales sounds fascinating.

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    1. Exactly, Tori. I’ve never been much for traditional gifts anyway. I’ve always told hubby if he felt the need to buy me flowers, get me a Best Buy or bookstore gift card instead. My sons know how nerdy I am, lol.

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