Derby and Graduation

What a fun, eventful weekend we had! It was Derby weekend here in KY, and after several years of mostly rainy weather, the sun shone down Friday and Saturday, and the temps were in the mid 70s. We went to parties hosted by friends for the Oaks on Friday and Derby on Saturday where we always have far too much food and eat way more than we should. My oldest son even won some money on a horse this year – around $425 maybe? He always seems to win something, but this was the highest amount to date.

This was also college graduation for our youngest son. Because of Covid, the ceremony was held in the football stadium and each student was only allotted four tickets. The weather cooperated (a good thing since there was no backup plan in case of rain), and the students. their families, and friends seemed thrilled to have their graduation in person. Students who graduated in spring of 2020 will have their ceremony next weekend. You may remember our son was fortunate to be able to study abroad both summers before Covid hit. This picture is of the stole he wore during the ceremony showing the flags of the countries he visited. I’m hoping he’ll eventually have it framed for a keepsake.

I’m still in catchup mode but hoping to get around to blogs this week. Hubby and I are going out of town this weekend. He’ll be able to finally visit his parents after only seeing them once in over a year – again, due to Covid.

Have a great week!

33 thoughts on “Derby and Graduation

  1. Sounds like a great weekend!! It would be fun to see a Kentucky Derby. Congratulations to your son on his graduation. My grandson missed having a ceremony last year but he´s OK with that. Enjoy your visit with your in-laws. xo

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    1. Such a fun weekend, Darlene. So sorry your grandson had to miss his ceremony, but glad he’s okay with that. Our oldest son had no interest in walking, but we were fine with it. We sat through his girlfriend’s, and it was long enough for two ceremonies, lol.

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    1. We only attended it in the comfort of our friend’s houses – we haven’t been in person, but don’t really want to deal with those crowds anyway. And The Producer is right – the first time I watched the KY Derby, I asked “Was that it?” when it was over.

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  2. suerovens

    That stole is COOL! It sounds like a very groovy weekend, too. I’m glad for you and your family 🙂 And winning $ – always a welcome thing, right?

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