Social Media, Vaccinations, and #AmWatching

I’ve tried to post something on Instagram three to four times per week for the last several months, but last week was an epic fail. It’s not that I didn’t have anything to post, I just never got around to it. I’ve been trying to build up my followers, so I’m pretty sure this isn’t contributing to that goal. This week I’m trying something new. I created four posts on Canva, so all I need to do is download them – maybe that will push me to keep a more regular schedule. I learned in a social media workshop that commenting on a few posts both before and after publishing your own will make it visible to more folks. No matter what, those algorithms will always remain a mystery to me.

I forgot to mention last week that hubby and I and both sons are now fully vaccinated – yay! It’s funny that our sons qualified for receiving their doses before we did. The oldest is a geologist working in hydrology (don’t ask me how that qualifies, but it did) and the other is working part time in the food service industry while still in college. My in-laws assisted living facility just opened up to visitors, so hubby and I will be flying to see them for only the second time in over a year. Being fully vaccinated sure makes me feel better about getting on a plane.

A new series dropped on Amazon Prime recently that I’m excited to watch. Here’s the description: A black family moves from North Carolina to an all-white Los Angeles neighbourhood in 1953, where their idyllic home becomes ground zero for malevolent forces. Mention malevolent forces in a home and it’s automatically on my list. I’m trying to finish some other series (For All Mankind and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier) before starting it.

Have a great week!

33 thoughts on “Social Media, Vaccinations, and #AmWatching

  1. I’m so sad Marvel only did 6 episodes of TFATWS instead of 9 like WV. It seems like it just started, and now it’s going to be over. But I am looking forward to Loki.

    I want to see Them. I still haven’t seen the movie, though. I know; it’s sad how behind I am in things.

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    1. We’re looking forward to it, Darlene. My FIL turned 95 in February, so it will be a Mother’s Day/belated birthday celebration!

      I had such fun with Amanda, Leah, and Caleb on their adventure in Malta!

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  2. Mischenko

    Instagram is a mystery to me. I started an account and then just didn’t go any further. 😂 It’s difficult to juggle all the different social media platforms, but they all seem to have that common requirement when it comes to getting your stuff out there: liking and commenting.

    Glad you are all vaccinated now! Hope you didn’t have any side effects from that second shot. I go on Thursday.

    Enjoy your week, Teri! ❤️

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    1. I think it will always remain a mystery to me, but I don’t have a lot of time to try and figure it out, so I do what I can. We had no problems with the second dose. The first one had my arm sore for a few days, but this one was much easier. Hope yours in the same!

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  3. It’s wonderful your whole family is vaccinated, Teri. Hubby and I get our second shots this Thursday. It’s weird how much I’m looking forward to a vaccine, LOL.

    I just watched the first two episodes of THEM last night and I’m hooked. Dang, it’s good!

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  4. My husband qualified way early for the vaccine too – not because of age or health but because he is a structural engineer for a steel fabricating company and steel is considered essential – I wonder if your son kind of fell into something like that. And being fully vaccinated makes you feel better about pretty much everything. (I want to do my “I’m going to the beach” happy dance right now 😊)

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  5. Due to my immune system issues, I have been wearing a mask on airplanes for ten years. I never got sick and always had a seat next to me empty (a mear cough would snd the neighbor off looking for another. I still plan on it, and I’m guessing the airlines require it. If not you should do it. Glad you guys are all immunized.

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  6. Gwen M. Plano

    Bravo for the vaccines behind you and travel ahead of you! That sounds great, Teri. Our area has dropped masks, but many places still require them. I’m more comfortable just wearing one. For the last five or so years, I’ve worn masks on airplanes because too many folks are coughing. All the best!

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  7. Instagram remains a mystery to me, Teri. I have not ever gotten the hang of it, and it’s frustrating that you can’t post links. I don’t understand that, but oh well. Anyway, good luck with it. Congrats on being fully vaccinated. I get my second one in a few days. I will have to check out “Them.” Thanks for sharing!

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  8. I am very pleased to hear your family is fully vaccinated, Terri. It sounds like the USA will be back to normal soon. I am also hit and miss with Instagram and all social media except Twitter and WordPress. I love WP so I visit it every day and spend a couple of hours here with my friends. Twitter is important for authors so I try to do it during admin meetings. It doesn’t require much thinking really but Instagram and others only feature when I think about it.

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    1. I’ve gotten pretty bad with Twitter and only get to checking my notifications every couple of days due to lack of time, but I still tweet posts regularly. I wish there was some magic formula that told me how to keep track of it all!

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  9. suerovens

    So glad that you all got the shots! That’s huge (and awesome). I would love more followers too, but I just can’t seem to spend time on Twitter or Instagram. I do a little but probably not enough.

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  10. Victoria Zigler

    Great news about you all being fully vaccinated. Just remember that completely vaccinated doesn’t mean completely safe. Just saying.

    Any more improvement with the sense of smell?

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    1. We’re all still wearing masks. There’s no way I’d feel comfortable going anywhere without one. Kind of weird thinking it’s the norm now. The sense of smell might have made a smidge of improvement. I woke up with a cold, so I’m hoping maybe it will make a miraculous comeback when I feel better. Keep your fingers crossed!

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