Stupid Ideas, Writing Classes, and #AmWatching

How is it Monday again already? Last week was a blur. We’ve had some wonderful spring weather the past few days, but Saturday and Sunday brought gale force winds to our neck of the woods. I’m talking winds that scooted our heavy iron patio furniture across the concrete. So of course hubby and I thought it was an opportune time to replace a couple screens on our screened porch. Honestly, we would have put it off, but one of the screens where Bond sits had ripped away from the frame. It was only a matter of time before escape plans would be made and executed prompting a search and rescue through our large neighborhood. Words that should have been censored were said (we’re glad the little boys next door weren’t outside), hands were cut, and trim was damaged, but all things considered, it could have gone worse.

I’ve mentioned here before about virtual writer’s classes/workshops/retreats I’ve attended hosted by The Writer’s Sanctuary. They just added several new events scheduled throughout the rest of this year. I registered for a class on marketing trends in November. If you’d like to check out their offerings, click HERE.

I think I mentioned the first season of For All Mankind last summer. The second season episodes are dropping weekly (I’m watching them first thing Saturday morning), and I’m enjoying it just as much. I don’t want to say much about it – no spoilers – but this alternate history version of the space race is totally compelling.

29 thoughts on “Stupid Ideas, Writing Classes, and #AmWatching

  1. Mischenko

    That series sounds great. Sorry about the winds! Gosh, that sounds horrible. Spring weather can be insane.

    Good luck with your class, Teri, and have a great week. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Sorry about the weather and the frustrating repairs, but at least Bond is safe.

    The series sounds cool. Glad you’re enjoying it. I’m currently fangirling The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. And I think Debris is finally starting to find its feet. So that means they’ll be canceling it.

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  3. I’m glad you survived changing out the screens. It sounds like an ordeal, but now you know Bond will stay safe and snug inside.

    I’m going to check out the new offerings from The Writer’s Sanctuary. Thanks for the link!

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    1. My dad built him what we call a perch on the screened porch. It’s small platform about four feet off the ground and that’s where the screen had ripped away. He likes to go out every morning and survey his kingdom, so it was a priority. Hope you find some classes – I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve taken.

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  4. I’m sorry to hear about your storm issues, but glad it wasn’t worse. Florida was hit pretty bad Saturday and Sunday, but we lucked out here in the center of the state. Instead of flooded roads knee deep in water, roofs ripped completely off buildings, and at least one bad fire caused by lightning striking a house, we mostly got much-needed rain. Brings to mind the old expression, “it’s an ill wind that blows no good.” We got the good this time.

    And boy, do I know about ripped screens being an issue in a house with four cats. I check our back porch constantly, and we’ve had to replace screens out there a couple of times. I would have cardiac arrest if one of ours “slipped out the back, Jack.” We live on a the corner of a busy street. It’s not BIG, but there’s a lot of traffic and very little attention to speed limits. A bad combo.

    Thanks for the link on the classes. Not sure if I have time coming up, but I’m going to check it out.

    Have a great day, Teri, and hopefully no more windstorms. πŸ™‚

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    1. I’d be petrified if we lived on a busy corner and Bond got out. He was a real escape artist when we first got him and he led me on some merry adventures – in his mind, anyway. Glad you got rain instead of those horrible storms, Marcia!

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      1. Our four cats are a bit on the lazy side, and somewhat afraid of the outdoors, but we kept my daughter’s two for a year and a half when they moved to Denver right before COVID hit and we couldn’t fly them out. Talk about heart attack time! Her beautiful little male, Maui, is a crafty, devilish, mischief maker and escape artist sublime. (But cute has heck, too!) My husband is terrible about closing doors behind him, and Maui would race after him every time Mark went outside, trying to slip by and do some exploring.

        If he’d ever made it past, he’d have been in major jeopardy. And since I’d volunteered to take extra good care of him (originally just for two weeks), I felt it was my DUTY to be certain I returned him to his own little boy in perfect condition. Thankfully, he never made it past either of us, but it wasn’t for lack of effort, that’s for sure.

        Good thing when he wasn’t trying to explore the great outdoors, he mostly wanted to snuggle on my lap and purr louder than a cat his size should ever be able to manage. But then, that boy’s all attitude. πŸ˜€

        Give Bond a pat on the head from his Granny in Florida. πŸ˜€


  5. Lol, Teri. Sounds like a not-so-fun adventure in screening. πŸ™‚ I often take virtual writing classes and find that many times after I sign up and pay my money, I am not able to attend the live class. Thankfully, there’s always a recording. I’ll take a look at The Writer Sanctuary. I mostly take classes through the Writer’s League of Texas or RWA.

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  6. Oh, no, Teri! Sorry to hear the storm. I’m glad there wasn’t Dorothy holding Toto that you could see, and Bond was secure. We had one storm that collapsed the fence between us and the neighbor. Good thing the insurance gave us a partial reimbursement.

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    1. That’s some serious wind, Miriam! Glad no one was hurt. Our house seems to be situated perfectly for wind to blow straight across our outdoor area – it’s like a wind tunnel sometimes. Just glad we foiled any escape plans for Bond, lol.


  7. Victoria Zigler

    Glad Bond’s potential escape route has been made secure, and no murders were committed in the process. Which, if you and your hubby working on those kinds of tasks is anything like me and mine working on them, is a wonderful achievement. πŸ˜‰

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    1. He’s secure (although he tried to make an escape attempt a couple nights ago) again. Hubby and I don’t have the skill set to do complicated home improvement projects. Replacing the screens might have been a stretch, lol.

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