Wasteland (Operation Galton #2) by Terry Tyler #bookreview #dystopian #scifi

‘Those who escape ‘the system’ are left to survive outside society. The fortunate find places in off-grid communities; the others disappear into the wasteland.’

The year is 2061, and in the new UK megacities, the government watches every move you make. Speech is no longer free—an ‘offensive’ word reaching the wrong ear means a social demerit and a hefty fine. One too many demerits? Job loss and eviction, with free transport to your nearest community for the homeless: the Hope Villages.

Rae Farrer is a megacity girl through and through, proud of her educational and career achievements, until a shocking discovery about her birth forces her to question every aspect of life in UK Megacity 12.

On the other side of the supposedly safe megacity walls, a few wastelanders suspect that their freedom cannot last forever…

Wasteland is the stand-alone sequel to Hope, and is the second and final book in the Operation Galton series.

The first book in this series, Hope, captivated me, but also left me feeling unnerved because the concept isn’t entirely outside the realm of possibility.  I was thrilled when I learned the author continued the story.

Wasteland is set over thirty years after the first book with an entirely new cast of characters for the most part.  I was excited to see what had become of a couple of my favorites from Hope.  This world is just plain scary.  The government is always watching and controls nearly every aspect of life for its citizens.  Have one drink too many, speak unkindly about someone, eat too many sweets, or do or say something outside the dictated parameters of your job, and you’re slapped with social demerits which can result in entire lifestyle changes.  And they’re not pleasant.  Forget thinking for yourself or making your own decisions – it’s all done for you.

A twist I absolutely didn’t see coming after the halfway point made me see things in a whole new light.  I even went back a few pages to see if what I thought happened actually did.  Love surprises like that!  I enjoyed meeting these new characters (especially Ace!), but after reading several books by this author, I’ve learned not to get too attached to some of them.  They don’t always get their happily ever after, and that’s also the case in this story.

The ending is tense and will give readers an adrenaline rush so be prepared.  Fans of dystopia and sci-fi will enjoy this thought-provoking and sometimes disturbing series.  Each book can be read as a stand-alone, but I’d recommend reading them in order.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author.  Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

27 thoughts on “Wasteland (Operation Galton #2) by Terry Tyler #bookreview #dystopian #scifi

  1. This sounds really good. I love books that make me go back and check pages or not get too attached to characters (though I often can’t help myself). And bonus points for twists at the end.

    Thanks for sharing this one.

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  2. Terry Tyler

    Teri, what a wonderful surprise!!! Thank you so much! I imagine the twist thing was… Rocky??? I had to think a bit because I wrote it a while back!

    I’m so pleased you liked it – I am on draft 5 of the final one, Megacity, by the way!!

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    1. I honestly thought I’d posted the review here earlier, but then I found it in the bottom of my drafts, so I have to apologize for taking so long to post it. And since I wrote the review last August, now I can’t remember what the twist was, lol! I’d have to go back and skim a few pages. So excited you’re continuing the series!


  3. This sounds really good. I love how dystopian novels often reflect truths in our society that we might not have noticed otherwise. I’ll have to make note of this one! Great review 🙂

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    1. I’ve read two of her series and found it difficult to put the books down – so engrossing. But yes, sometimes the things that could be true can be far more unnerving than fictitious monsters. Last year was a good example.

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    1. So am I – and usually floored when it happens. I’m not familiar with The Cowboys (hubby is a big JW fan, so I’ll ask him), but in both series I’ve read by Terry, it’s best not to get too attached, lol.

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