Last Concert and Hauntings

This past weekend was bittersweet. The youngest son graduates in about a month, so Friday and Saturday were his last college concert performances. We’ve truly enjoyed going to all the symphonies and orchestras over the past four years and experiencing the music. Made us feel a little more cultured! Plus, he cleans up well and looks pretty good in a tux. Hubby knew practically nothing about music or instruments when our son began pursuing his love of music in middle school, but he’s learned quite a bit over the years. Even after he graduates we still plan on attending future events.

Most of the concerts have been held at Van Meter Hall on campus. It was constructed in 1910 and is a beautiful example of a historic theater. With its white columns on the exterior, a lofty two story lobby, brass railings, sculptures, and marble arches and staircases, a person could spend hours just touring and appreciating the building.

It’s also haunted. According to several sources, anyway. Stories vary about exactly who died in the theater and how. In one scenario, a construction worker fell through the skylight in the lobby and was killed. Another says a student was hanging lights about the stage and fell to his death. Still another version says there are caverns beneath the campus and a hermit living in the caves found a secret passageway into Van Meter Hall. He carries a blue lantern that explains the blue light associated with the ghost.

Being fascinated with anything supernatural, I’d love to be alone inside the hall. I’d sit on the stage and listen to whatever story the building wanted to tell me. Hubby says I’m crazy (he’s not a believer – a tragic flaw I graciously overlook). If you’re interested in reading more about the ghost haunting Van Meter Hall, click HERE and HERE.

Have a safe and healthy week!

43 thoughts on “Last Concert and Hauntings

  1. So glad you enjoyed the concerts, Teri, and what a beautiful hall for your son’s performances.
    I can fully see where a place like that would conjure tales of hauntings and tragic happenings in the past. Unlike you, no way would I want to hang around and hope to encounter the ghost, LOL!

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  2. Four years flew by, didn’t it? How wonderful that you and your husband have supported your son with your presence. He’ll always remember that. πŸ™‚ And cool about the haunting! Sorry about your husband’s tragic flaw, though. Sigh. You are very gracious, Teri. Lol

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    1. It sure did, Diana. Even our son can’t believe how fast it went. We’re fortunate he went to a local university so we could enjoy all of his performances. I’m glad someone else thinks I’m gracious, lol!

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  3. Bittersweet endings, Teri. I absolutely LOVE old buildings with such grand architecture. Like you, I would love to sit in the hall late at night alone and if nothing else, “feel” the spirits that wander there.

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  4. The kids move on, and the parents are left holding the memories. We loved every moment of equestrian competition of our youngest. Lasted sixteen years. I would love to sit in a haunted building to see what happened. Thanks, Teri.

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    1. Sure is, Barbara. I’ve always been a music lover (former band geek here!), but it was all pretty new for hubby. Him wanting to go back really says something for their program. And I’d love to know more stories about Van Meter.

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  5. How lovely that you youngest son is musical. My older son achieved grade 5 in piano but he had no love for it and gave it up after that. Michael is learning to play the drums and is interested in the piano but he doesn’t have the self discipline to really achieve much with music. The concert hall looks amazing and I love the ghost story.

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    1. I kind of pushed him into music around the age of 11 – but he says it was the best thing I ever did. He was never a fan of sports, and I suspected he’d find “his people” in music. He now plays all percussion, piano, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, French horn – you get the idea. My oldest son never had an interest except for listening. Michael may learn to love it more – hope he sticks with it!


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