Bridge of Souls (Cassidy Blake #3) by Victoria Schwab #bookreview #MG #supernatural #TuesdayBookBlog

Where there are ghosts, Cassidy Blake follows … unless it’s the other way around?

Cass thinks she might have this ghost-hunting thing down. After all, she and her ghost best friend, Jacob, have survived two haunted cities while travelling for her parents’ TV show.

But nothing can prepare Cass for New Orleans, which wears all of its hauntings on its sleeve. In a city of ghost tours and tombs, raucous music and all kinds of magic, Cass could get lost in all the colourful, grisly local legends. And the city’s biggest surprise is a foe Cass never expected to face: a servant of Death itself.

Cass takes on her most dangerous challenge yet… 

I don’t usually read middle grade books, but when one of my favorite authors writes a MG series, you can be sure I’ll make an exception.

I listened to the first two books in this series, and it took only moments for Cassidy and her ghost best friend Jacob to charm me. Her parents are The Inspecters, a ghost-hunting team venturing to various haunted locations, but Cass’s mother is a believer and her father a skeptic. Being enchanted with the city of New Orleans, I was thrilled one of the most haunted cities in America is the setting for this novel. While touring the city with her parents and guide and experiencing music at Jackson Square, beignets at Cafe Du Monde, tarot card readings, and old cemeteries, it becomes apparent something has found Cass and is determined to take her beyond the veil permanently. Enter Lara, a new friend Cass and Jacob met in Paris in the previous book. She’s a Ravenclaw, an old soul, and a no nonsense type of girl who occasionally butts heads with Jacob. Soon the three of them are facing their greatest challenge, and the stakes have never been higher.

Schwab did a wonderful job at capturing the essence of NOLA and bringing it to life in the novel. I felt as if I revisited the city (sure wish I could have eaten a beignet while reading). If your MG (or young at heart) readers are interested in supernatural stories involving charismatic characters, a little bit of history, and a lazy black cat, this is a series I highly recommend.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through Edelweiss.  Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

37 thoughts on “Bridge of Souls (Cassidy Blake #3) by Victoria Schwab #bookreview #MG #supernatural #TuesdayBookBlog

    1. I’ve had so much fun with the whole series, Mae. It’s partly educational, but also eerie with Jacob being a ghost and Cassidy able to cross into the veil. I know that part would appeal to you. And Grimm the cat is always a hoot.

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  1. Victoria Schwab is one of my favorite writers, too, Teri, and I’ve been debating on the first book in this series. You’ve convinced me to grab it. I love well-told ghost stories, no matter the age of the characters, and I often appreciate a break from sometimes unnecessary and often overdone gratuitous sex. Therefore, I already read YA quite often. I think this one will be fun, even if meant for middle grade. A good story is a good story, after all.

    Thanks for the review! 🙂

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  2. I don’t really read MG books, but I know I would have loved that when I was young. (Or even enjoyed it when I was still screening books for my kids when they were young.) NOLA is always a great setting. And now I’m hungry for seafood.

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    1. I was hungry while reading the entire time! Such good food in NOLA. I’d highly recommend this to middle graders who enjoy supernatural elements – and they just may learn a little history while reading.

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  3. I so want to read Schwab books. I read her short story in Universe of Wishes anthology set in Shades of magic world and I’m already fan of her writing and that world. I can’t wait to read what Shades of Magic series now. This sound fantastic as well. Amazing review!

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    1. Thanks, Diana! Start making a list for him now – so many good ones out there. I just finished a wonderful fantasy adventure from another favorite writer who ventured into MG.


  4. Am I jealous that you’ve already read this and I’m *still* languishing waiting for my hold to come up? Maybe. Probably. Okay, you caught me, definitely. But still. I’m really looking forward to this one! I was excited to see that the setting would be in New Orleans, too. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one! Sounds like it was well worth the wait.

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