#BookClub, #Cooking, and a #BookReview

Happy Monday! A week ago we were just clawing our way out of snow. Today? Flooding all around. Part of our street is blocked off, but the good news is that there’s no more rain in the forecast.

My book club met last week. Remember, our club doesn’t read the same novel – we have a monthly theme and each of us choose our own books in that category. The theme for February was Pick Your Poison: YA Romance or Horror. Do I really need to tell you what I chose? I was surprised at the number of folks who chose horror since some of them are diehard romance fans, but they decided to step out of their comfort zone. I wasn’t one of those people. Below are some of the choices for the month.

Hubby and I tried another new recipe Saturday night – Grilled Chicken Breasts with Satay Sauce. Satay sauce has a peanut butter base with some other ingredients mixed in. I admit I was skeptical – peanut butter and chicken? It’s like chicken waffles – it makes no sense to me and seems like an unlikely combination. The verdict? We both decided it was a keeper. Chicken breasts never turn out well for us – they tend to be too dry no matter what we try, but having this sauce made a huge difference. If you’d like to give it a shot, the link is HERE

I had a wonderful surprise last week! Author Jacquie Biggar reviewed Subject A36 on her blog HERE. Great minds were thinking alike I guess because I just finished reading Virtually Gone, her techno-thriller released last year. It was full of suspense and characters I immediately embraced – the review will be posted here later in the month.

Have a safe, healthy – and warm – week!


31 thoughts on “#BookClub, #Cooking, and a #BookReview

  1. Satay is a favorite of my son’s and my son-in-law’s (to be), so I make it a lot for them. My daughter, who loves peanut butter and loves chicken breast, isn’t a fan. Go figure. She’ll eat it, though. It just doesn’t top her list. It’s a good thing she’s not one of those picky eaters who refuses to eat something she’s not crazy about (like my son). I love that you two are still trying new recipes.

    And congratulations on the great review!

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    1. Thanks, Staci! I’m also a big PB fan – especially when it’s with chocolate. But I’m also like your son – I don’t eat onions, peppers, mayo, or mustard – at all. The smell of mustard makes me nauseous. Next time you look over a menu, count how many dishes those four ingredients exclude. It’s usually about 80-90%.

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      1. My son is with you on three of those four. And he’d add anything green to that list (with the exception of certain lettuces and kale, but only in small amounts and only in certain situations). It made cooking meals a challenge, for sure.

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  2. It’s pretty brave of your book club to step outside of their comfort zones to horror of all things.:-) I love satay sauce, but Dear Husband is allergic to peanuts, so we never make it. Congrats on Jacquie’s review of Subject A36!

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    1. Right? One person in particular surprised me and she admitted enjoying it a lot more than she’d expected. I feel bad for your hubby – I love nuts of any kind, so I can’t imagine not being able to eat them. Now I’m a huge fan of satay!


  3. I love peanut butter and I especially love chicken, but I can’t combine the two…I’m weird that way. 🙂 As a child, I drove my mother crazy with my picky eating habits. Congrats on the great review from our friend Jacqui, Teri!

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    1. Thanks, Jill! We were both skeptical about it, but it really turned out great – no leftovers! It’s a recipe that will turn up again in the next couple weeks. I’m also a picky eater – see comment above to Staci, lol.


  4. Teri, I had to laugh at your comment about chicken and waffles not going together. You clearly don’t live anywhere near Pennsylvania Dutch County where it’s an everyday staple. My MIL and her sister once got very upset because they went to a Waffle House and they didn’t serve chicken and waffles.

    I’m not a huge fan of chicken and waffles (really have to be in the mood for it), but I do love satay sauce with chicken!

    Oh, and congrats on that great review from Jacquie. I saw it on her blog!

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    1. Thanks, Mae! I like chicken and I like waffles, but it just doesn’t compute for me when they’re combined. It’s a popular dish in the south also, but I’ve never ordered it. We’re both big satay fans now – I’m still thinking about that sauce!

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    1. Seems like everyone’s tried satay except me – but now I’m a confirmed fan! I chose Bridge of Souls by Victoria Schwab. It’s the third book in a wonderful MG supernatural series and I had an ARC. Really enjoyed it – especially since it was set in New Orleans.

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  5. What a fun book club. I can only imagine the lively discussions you have on each different book. The Satay sauce sounds awesome! Sometimes chicken breasts can be dry and this sauce would be a great addition. I’m going to try it! Have a great week, Teri!

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  6. I had a friend tell me last month he tried ground meat with cocoa powder and peanut butter. He told me he thought it needed a little more brown sugar… I shudder each time I remember.
    Heading off to read Jacquie’s review…..

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