A Peek Into My #BookClub

I’ve mentioned before that I’m in two book clubs. Due to the pandemic, one hasn’t met for nearly a year – I’ve forgotten what book I was even supposed to read for the next meeting. The Pardon My Youth club is through our local library, and we’ve continued our monthly meetings through Zoom. The club focuses on YA books for the young and young at heart (ages range from 20s through 70s). It’s not your standard club where everyone reads the same book – we have monthly categories instead. This month’s assignment was to read a YA book published in 2020. I thought I’d give you a partial list of some of the books selected.

We enjoy having the freedom to choose different books, but occasionally a couple members have coincidentally read the same one and will give joint reviews. Most of us are also friends on Goodreads and the day after book club you’ll see several members adding titles discussed the night before to their TBR lists. Below are our categories for the rest of the year – you can see we’re committed to reading diverse books. I like being able to plan my reads for the rest of the year, and I always try to choose something from my backlist.

  • February Pick Your Poison – Romance vs. Horror (of course I’m choosing horror)
  • March Realistic Fiction Set Anywhere but the US, the UK, or Canada
  • April Books Featuring a Found Family
  • May Books By/About Latinx Folks
  • June Pride Reads
  • July Books Set During the Summer
  • August Books With a Female or Non-Binary BIPOC as the Main Character
  • September Banned Books
  • October Retellings/Reimaginings
  • November Books By/About Indigenous Peoples, First Nations, Peoples, or Native Americans

Maybe I’ve inspired you to create your own book club or ask your library to form one. Our club’s fourth anniversary is coming up in a few months, and most of us have been there from the beginning. In addition to making some wonderful bookish friends, it’s also helped maintain some sanity and continuity for all of us during 2020. Hopefully, my other club will be able to meet again this year – but someone’s going to have to remind me which book to read.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into one of my book clubs. Have a safe and healthy week!

45 thoughts on “A Peek Into My #BookClub

  1. I like the fact you can pick your own book within a theme/category. My problem with book clubs is that I don´t want to read a book I´m not interested in. Life is too short. Also, I´m a slow reader so I don´t always get the book finished in time to discuss it. I joined a book club here in Spain at the beginning of March, 2020 and we all know what happened in the middle of March 2020. I´m glad your one group is still meeting via Zoom. A great idea.

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    1. Same here, Darlene. Sometimes I really don’t care for the book and, as you said, life is too short. We’re really laid back in our club – if you didn’t finish or have time to even start a book, still show up for the fun discussions.

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    1. Our last meeting was February 2020. I remember looking up the chosen book at the end of that meeting, and I have the vague notion it was something that interested me, but I come up with nothing on the title or author. And yes – we have loads of fun!

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        1. That would be a no. But the other members are all good friends, so it wouldn’t be difficult to find out. I doubt we could even meet until the end of this year. None of us are in the first several groups to be vaccinated, so our wait will be a long one.

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    1. I’ve discovered books I never would have come across. Some of the members are really into graphic novels, and that was our selection a few months ago – something I haven’t read much of. It’s great to broaden your reading selections. Hope you can find a club you enjoy, Yesha!

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  2. I love the idea of a bookclub, and I think it’s great you have one that’s geared specifically for your reading tastes. I also really like that the club plans out the type of read for each month. It sounds like everyone has a lot of fun.
    Wonderful share, Teri!

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    1. Thanks, Mae! It’s funny how we’ve all learned each other’s tastes. Everyone knows I don’t read much romance, and there are several who won’t go near a horror book, lol. It makes it easy to recommend books to other members.

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  3. What fun, Teri! I’ve been a member of the Rave Reviews Book Club for over six years and have found that it’s turned into more of a family than just a book club. It’s invaluable to me in my growth as a writer. Thank you so much for sharing!

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  4. I agree with Harmony, it’s better that you can choose your own read. I’m in a read/review club where we read each other’s books (chosen by the team leader) and post our reviews on Bookbub. It’s okay, but I like this idea more.

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  5. I’ve never been in a book club. Actually, never even knew of one near me. I haven’t really given it much thought but this one sounds great. YA and being able to choose your book preference. Also, loving the name: “Pardon My Youth club”. 😀 Some of those covers are absolutely gorgeous.

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    1. I think you’d fit in quite well with us, Sarah! And that name is perfect. When I attended the first meeting, I thought for sure I’d be the oldest person there – not true. I love the varying age range and freedom to choose my own book.


    1. It’s really fun, Tori. At the end of every year, we try to come up with some new categories for the next year, but some are staples – pride month, banned books. It can be a challenge to think of something new, but we usually brainstorm a few.


    1. We’ve been going nearly four years strong, Sammie – can’t believe it’s been that long! I love that we don’t all read the same books, then bring something new to the table for others to hear about every month. I can give you our librarian/moderator’s name if you’d like.


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