#AmWriting, Workshop, and #AmWatching

The writing progress continues! Planning on sending another couple chapters to my beta today. I keep telling myself the small steps add up – I just need to stick to the plan. Meanwhile, the next book keeps niggling at the back of my mind. I’ve made notes and have some ideas, but haven’t fleshed out the whole story yet. But I will say I’m heading back into the horror/supernatural genre after the A36 sequel.

I just completed a two week writing class entitled Becoming the CEO of Your Creative Life hosted by authors C.J. Redwine and Mary Weber. It involved goal setting, scheduling, vision boards, career crafting and more. I got some really helpful tips about productivity, which I totally need. I’m a total Dory (Finding Nemo) if I don’t have a clear plan for the day. Ironically, my life mantra also comes from Dory – just keep swimming! I just need to remember to swim in the right direction.

Last week I signed up for a free seven day trial of AMC+ so I could watch the second season of A Discovery of Witches. Then I found out only three episodes had been released so far. So now I’ll have to cancel this trial and sign up with someone else when the whole season drops. The two episodes I’ve watched so far seem to be sticking with the book, just like the first season did, so I’m happy about that.

Have a safe and healthy week!

35 thoughts on “#AmWriting, Workshop, and #AmWatching

    1. It was really helpful, Darlene – plus I got to “meet” several other writers through the FB group. Don’t think I forgot about your questions – plan on sending them to you later today. One of them has me stumped (fictional character – so many!).

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    1. Thanks, Jill! It’s something I took away from the workshop last week. Logically, of course, I knew any progress was good, but hearing one of the authors say she literally only had four hours per week to write the book that got her an agent was inspiring.

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  1. Small steps definitely do add up! You’re doing great with your writing.
    If you happen to have access to appletv+, you can get a whole month free trial of AMC+ – the only problem is if you want to watch it on your TV and not just your device, you will have to have an Apple TV box thingy. Have a great Monday!

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    1. That’s the plan, Robbie – I’m sure not paying for another streaming service, lol. This supernatural story has been piecing itself together for a few years now, so I’m excited to get to it. Just need to get this sequel written first!

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  2. I’ve been taking a lot of small steps with my writing and they’re doing as intended and factoring into a bigger picture overall.
    A friend of mine just told me how much she loves the show Discovery of Witches. I still need to catch up with the books!

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    1. Small steps count – just need to keep the big picture in mind!

      The books are wonderful. They’re a chunk, but I enjoyed every one of them. When the series started, I had my doubts about some of the actors chosen to play certain parts, but was happy to be convinced otherwise.


  3. Yes, all the small steps add up. You’ll get there. And when you do I’ll be pushing to get my space near the front of the line for a copy. 😉 You write excellent horror/supernatural stories too… Sarah especially was awesome, and – as I’ve mentioned before – one of few stories to actually scare me, which you should be proud of given how rarely that actually happens.

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    1. You’re a fantastic motivator, Tori – thanks so much! I know what you mean about rarely being scared. I can remember two times I’ve actually gotten goosebumps – once while reading The Shining and the other from the first Paranormal Activity movie. And I loved it!


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