#AmWriting, Celebrations, and #AmWatching

I got some work done on the sequel to Subject A36 last week. It’s really the first time I’ve sat down with it since before Christmas, and the characters were talking. I think they’ve been tired of waiting for me. I asked my beta if I could send her some chapters this week, and she’s excited to read them. I’ll be grateful for the feedback. Seems like I’ve been working on this sequel for so long, but still don’t have a complete first draft, although these first four or five chapters feel finished. Each of my books has been written with a different process, so why should this one be any different?

We celebrated hubby’s birthday Friday and our anniversary Saturday with close friends. Our youngest son came over and cooked (barely) a tuna appetizer for him (both of them are foodies) on Friday, but no way will you get me to eat medium rare tuna. Not happening. Instead of a birthday cake, I went to a local bakery and got an assortment of cupcakes and cookies, then took the leftovers to my son and his roommates yesterday. Needed to get those sweets out of the house!

After a friend recommended it several times, I started watching Hannibal on Netflix last week. It’s fascinating. I assumed it was about him being hunted and tracked down, but that’s not the premise. This series is set when Lecter is still practicing medicine and works with FBI profiler/instructor Will Graham. The scenes with the two of them are absolutely riveting. I’d read a quote somewhere that the series was visually stunning, and it truly is. Plus, the food Hannibal prepares for his unsuspecting guests is totally Instagrammable – you just have to overlook what the “meat” actually is, lol.

Have a great week!

48 thoughts on “#AmWriting, Celebrations, and #AmWatching

  1. I haven’t tried Hannibal yet, but I’m looking forward to Clarice on Network tv. Maybe I’ll have to watch them back to back. 😊
    My daughters went back to Chapel Hill yesterday and I totally loaded them up with the sweets that were left over from the holidays!

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  2. Congrats on getting some writing done, Teri. I also tend to change my writing process (a bit) with each book… weird. But whatever works. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the A36 series, so keep writing. Congrats on the celebrations… and are you sure it was tuna? Bwa ha ha.

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  3. Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you had a great time (for your hubby’s birthday, too). I’m with you on the tuna though–I don’t eat ANYTHING medium rare!

    Glad your characters are talking to you again, too. Mine came through the last two months and spurred me on to finish my WIP. Now I’ve got a new set in my head, LOL!

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    1. We never planned for the bday and anniversary to be one day apart, that’s just the way it worked out all those years ago, lol. And yes, it can be an expensive time of year – especially after Christmas!


  4. Happy Birthday AND Happy Anniversary, Teri! Hope you found something much more appealing (to me AND you) than tuna that’s not totally done. NO sushi around this house, either. Eeep. As a southerner born and bred, I’m willing to accept that not all fish needs to be battered and fried, but raw or even partly cooked is right out! 😀

    Congrats on getting back to your WIP. I’m eagerly awaiting this book! 😀 Have a great week!

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    1. We did, Craig. I eat tuna, but it’s got to be at least a light pink before I’ll touch it. The youngest son just recently started eating it medium rare. And he was the kid who only wanted chicken nuggets and pizza until he was well into his teen years, lol.

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  5. Do you feel like, when you’ve left your WIP for a long time, your characters have been kind of standing statue-still, wherever you left them, just poised and waiting? Or do they go off, sit down, chill out with Netflix and wait for you to come back? Either way, I’m happy to hear progress on A36 has resumed 🙂

    Happy celebrations! Sounds like it’s all party at the Polen household!

    I haven’t given Hannibal a go, but maybe I will now. Like you, I assumed it would be all about the feds trying to catch him. Thanks for the tip!

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    1. I figure my characters were either taking an extended smoke break or discussing me behind my back. Either way, we’re all on the same page (literally) now.

      If I recommended Hannibal to anyone, it would be you, Jess. I could see you really being mesmerized by it.

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  6. suerovens

    Happy Anniversary! Your story made me laugh. Once, I ordered “ahi tuna” and was horrified when they brought me “raw fish”. I asked them to cook it! (and they did). LOL.

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