Christmas and Rona

Not much to report this week. Last week was spent catching up on tons of things after our long weekend away – laundry, errands, Christmas shopping, etc. No matter how much I try to get done ahead of time, it always seems like I’m rushing during the holiday season. One evening I was able to slow down and listen to A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack for the first time this year. It’s my absolute favorite, and no Christmas is complete without it.

Did I add to the word count last week? No, I didn’t. I made a few notes in my phone, but at this point, I’ve lost what little momentum I had before Thanksgiving and need to review the past few chapters, new notes, and dive back into it. But over the next week I should have plenty of time to write. Why?

Because I tested positive for COVID. Mild symptoms started last Monday (no fever, just sore throat and a little achy) and I assumed it was the same cold I usually get around this time of year. By Wednesday, I felt fine and assumed it was over. When I woke Thursday morning, I knew I needed to get tested (but still no fever). Hubby is negative – how, I have no idea – but I’ve got another week to quarantine, and he’s back to working from home. I’m very fortunate my symptoms have been mild so far, and I’ve been taking it easy. The worst thing is I lost my sense of smell, and I’ll miss the aroma of the pumpkin bread I’m making later today!

Stay healthy and wash those hands!

64 thoughts on “Christmas and Rona

  1. I am SO sorry to hear you’ve been ill, but thankful it’s been mild, Teri! Look at it this way. You’ll have immunity going forward. (Same thing happened to my son-in-law).

    I will keep your husband in my thoughts, and hope that he stays healthy. Take care of yourself, and may your sense of smell return SOON! I lost mine once as a reaction to a medication. My husband says I have a sense of smell DOGS envy, so it was really awful for me when it disappeared. Happily, it returned after about two weeks. Hope you’ll be able to smell the pumpkin long before that! 🙂

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      1. Yours will return, too, Teri. And when it does, you’ll appreciate more than ever before! Nothing triggers memory faster than a fragrance associated with a loved one or a wonderful occasion. Hope yours is back before Christmas is over. LOTS of wonderful aromas during the holidays. Good luck, my friend! 🙂

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  2. Oh gosh, I’m sorry to hear this, Teri. I’m glad your symptoms are mild. Hopefully your husband will stay virus free. Had you had contact with anyone who might have had it? That’s so strange that you don’t have a fever, but you lost your sense of smell. I wonder if that’s more common? Take care of yourself!

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    1. I don’t know of anyone I’d come in contact with, but we traveled a couple of weekends ago, so I assume it came from that trip. It’s strange I haven’t had a fever, but maybe the symptoms are different for everyone?

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    1. I’m really fortunate, Priscilla. Just feels like a head cold at this point. I also need to watch the special again – it’s been a few years – but I always listen to the soundtrack several times over Christmas.


  3. I’m glad the symptoms are mild, so far, Teri. That Covid is scary stuff. When I came down sick, I had no fever, either, and didn’t lose my sense of smell but had horrible headaches and couldn’t seem to stay awake.
    Hope you feel better soon {{hugs}}

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    1. I remember when you had it, Jacquie. I tend to get headaches on a regular basis when I’m not sick, but haven’t really had any with Covid – so strange. I was really tired one evening, but pretty normal the other days. Thanks for the hugs!

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  4. Oh no, please take care. I’m glad your symptoms are mild. After what happened with my grandfather we bought pulse oximeter and are monitoring blood oxygen level regularly. I think by now we all might have come in contact with virus at some point and those who didn’t have any symptoms or had to do test might have formed antibody. I hope you recover real soon. Take care!

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  5. Exact same thing that happened at the Boyack house. Old What’s Her Face was down for a couple of days, but I never caught it. (I was even tested.) We sleep in the same bed, so I don’t understand how that worked out, but we’re both glad it did. Hope your case is mild and that your family can dodge it completely.

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  6. So sorry to hear this, Terri! I’m glad your symptoms are mild, and glad your husband is tested negative. I hope you can recover quickly. Do your best to rest and follow whatever instruction from the doctor. Everything else can wait. From what I watched on the news of interviewing doctors who suffered Covid and recovered, if the condition is worse and needs hospitalization, even after recovering, patients still show long-term effects

    I’m so scared of this monster. We cancelled our trips for Thanksgiving and Christmas to see our young granddaughters because the cases in our state is worse than when it started. I don’t want to risk the chances especially don’t want to catch anything during our travel and give it to our eight months old granddaughter. We’ll wait until the cases flatten before thinking about travel.

    Take care and wishing you a speedy recovery.

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  7. The season is not truly here until I listen to Vince Guaraldi’s Charlie Brown Christmas. It’s my favorite music this time of year.

    Well, lady, stay healthy. Keep those symptoms mild and get better quickly. That’s an order. You know I’m thinking of you. Sending love, light, healing vibes, and chocolate (which you will be able to smell soon). ❤ ❤ ❤

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  8. Hi Teri. I was freaking out that I missed this post when I stumbled upon it and read. I thought you were going to be away from blogging throughout Christmas (my bad — I’m sure I just got confused since so many were taking a break). I see from your comments that you were doing better. I hope you’re completely well and feeling fabulous by now. Hugs on the wing.

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    1. Took off most of the week while the boys were here – you didn’t miss anything. Feeling so much better, but still don’t have my sense of taste or smell back – which just really sucks. But things could have been so much worse, and we’re grateful hubby tested negative. Hugs, Teagan!


      1. Thanks for the reply. Just be gentle with yourself. Even the regular flu I had last Christmas was intense and took me a couple of months to get over. I get it that those are COVID symptoms, but make sure you’re getting plenty of zinc (unless of course you’ve been told to avoid it for some reason). Being low on zinc can inhibit your sense of taste. No point making that part even worse.
        I have a different issue that caused me to need more zinc. My research led me to this brand for how it’s processed and how that helps the body absorb it in the best way.

        LOL, Okay — I’ll stop being “Doctor Granny” from the Beverly Hillbillies now.

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