Cats and Vacation

With Thanksgiving travel schedules and lack of anyone close to take care of her, we’ve had my son’s cat, Sora, with us for the past couple weeks, along with Bond, our own cat. They are not friends. At best, they tolerate each other. With Bond’s “This is MY house” attitude and Sora’s “I’m the Queen of Everyone’s Universe” notion, worlds collide. Over the span of two weeks I’ve found tufts of cat fur here and there and witnessed endless chases from one end of the house to another, but they’re both still alive, and I consider that an accomplishment. They take each other’s toys and favorite napping spots and hiss and yowl over nothing – it’s like having toddlers in the house. In the picture, Sora is at the top of the stairs daring Bond to come any closer. As I write this post, my son just took Sora home about an hour ago, and Bond is passed out cold on the back of the couch. It’s hard work being constantly vigilant.

Hubby and I took a long weekend and went to the beach (which is why I’m so behind on emails and visiting blogs – I’ll get there!). Maybe traveling isn’t the best thing to be doing right now, but we needed some time away and had a fantastic mini-vacay. Honestly, I could count on one hand the number of folks I saw unmasked in the airport and resort where we stayed. I see far more on my weekly grocery trip. Lots of social distancing, hand sanitizer stations, and masked employees and guests at the resort and airports that weren’t crowded. I had a few glorious days in my happy place – on the beach under an umbrella, book in hand.

Have a wonderful, safe and healthy week!

44 thoughts on “Cats and Vacation

  1. Aaahh I could do with a holiday too😍
    But it doesn’t look like people are much concerned with distancing or masks here these days!🙆‍♀️🤷‍♀️ So I’m surprised + glad that you found everything on line!😁😁

    Mm…book in hand in the beach😍😍😍

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  2. It sounds like a lovely mini-break, Teri. I am looking forward to our holiday at the ocean in early January. I feel like I have cabin fever, even though we do go out a bit, it’s not often enough to feel like a real change of environment. Our shops, etc. are very crowded. A bit like it was in the USA and UK during the summer. The hot weather puts C-19 far away from people’s minds.

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    1. He sure was, Sophie. Neither of them sleeps much when they’re together. I was really pleased to see all the precautions taken during our long weekend. Hope you get some vacation soon!


  3. Your time away sounds wonderful. We took a mini day trip the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it did me a world of good.

    Had to laugh about Bond and Sora not killing one another being an accomplishment. Poor Bond, I’ll bet he needed his rest. 🙂

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  4. I can empathize with your cat situation, Teri. Our situation is reversed. Two years ago, we adopted a tabby named Charlie, he was being traumatized by the family’s dog and needed a new hope. A very affection cat, but skittish. This fall, we adopted a cat named Sage, and she seems to think that she is the boss. She dominates poor Charlie and he won’t fight back. 😦

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    1. Sorry I’m just getting here, Tori – a busy couple of weeks! I’m still finding bits of fur here and there, and Sora was also back for a few days over the weekend. Bond has done almost nothing but sleep since she left yesterday, lol.


  5. iamthesunking

    “They tolerate each other”! I always think it’s funny that cats don’t like other cats, but then I’m a person and I don’t like other people. 🤣🤣🤣

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