#BadMoonRising Never Change (Demon’s Blood) by Shari Sakurai #horror #LGBT #shortstory

What’s Halloween without a few vampires? I’ve been a vampire fan since I watched the original Fright Night – how bad could they be if they looked like Chris Sarandon? Today’s author is no stranger to Bad Moon Rising, and she’s featuring a vampire short story set in her Demon’s Blood series universe. I’ve also seen the movie that freaked her out – and her freakout is justified. Welcome Shari Sakurai!

Has a movie or book scared you so much you couldn’t sleep?  Which one?

Yes! Me and my sister went to see The Babadook at the cinema a few years ago. It is one of the creepiest films I have ever seen but the bit that really gets me is when she is at the police station and when she looks up the Babadook is hanging up with all the coats. I don’t know why but that bit really freaks me out! We had gone to see it in the evening so when we came out of the cinema we had to walk home in the dark! Every shadow became the Babadook on that walk!

Would you rather use a Ouija board or participate in a séance?

I would like to participate in a séance as I have never done that before where as I have used a Ouija Board – we got nothing and to this day I do not know if I am disappointed or relieved!

Would you rather put your hand in a box and feel something slimy or furry?

Furry as the chances are it would be a rat or something which wouldn’t bother me!

If you had to give up snacks or drinks during writing sessions, which would be more difficult?

Drinks definitely. I always get really thirsty whilst writing and that would distract me much more than not having anything to eat!

Describe your writing space.

It’s a mess! As I’m currently working from home it has now been invaded by work stuff too! I don’t have room for a desk so I use the dining room table. There’s bits of paper, print copy proofs and notepads everywhere!

What are you working on now?

I’m currently finishing off the draft of book 3 in my Perfect World series. I’m also working on another novel in my Demon’s Blood universe and when that’s done I would love to finally get back to my fantasy novel that’s been sitting in drafts for ten years!

Thane’s arms curved around his back and he felt the younger vampire trembling as he rested his head on Taku’s shoulder. So easily broken, Taku often forgot what it had been like in the beginning. For him things had been different, he reminded himself. He had already known what it felt like to take a life.

With Nagasaki in the grip of a bitter winter, two vampires struggle to hunt in the challenging conditions. When an opportunity to feed from a dying man presents itself, Taku insists that they take advantage of it. Yet his newly turned lover is left feeling devastated by their actions. Seeing Thane so distraught is more than Taku can bear and so he makes a decision to shield Thane as much as he can from the darker side to their existence. However his desire to protect Thane might one day cost him everything.

Purchase Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KV1HH5R

Author Bio

Shari Sakurai is a British author of paranormal, horror, science fiction and fantasy novels that almost always feature a LGBT protagonist and/or antagonist. She has always loved to write and it is her escape from the sometimes stressful modern life!

Aside from writing, Shari enjoys reading, watching movies, listening to (loud!) music, going to rock concerts and learning more about other societies and cultures. Japanese culture is of particular interest to her and she often incorporates Japanese themes and influences into her work.

Shari loves a challenge and has taken part and won the National Novel Writing Month challenge eleven times!

Social Media Links:

Websites: http://www.sharisakurai.com / http://www.perfectworldseries.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sharisakurai

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShariSakurai

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shari_sakurai

47 thoughts on “#BadMoonRising Never Change (Demon’s Blood) by Shari Sakurai #horror #LGBT #shortstory

  1. I’m not familiar with The Babadook but it sounds very creepy!
    Another fun interview. And wow, that’s amazing that Shari has won NaNoWriMo 11 times! Hopefully I’ll have that kind of mojo when I dive in this November.

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  2. Another fun interview and post, Teri. Nice to meet Shari and learn about her books. And I agree with Mae Clair. Wining NaNoWriMo 11 times is mind-boggling. I’ve never gotten up the energy (or the nerve) to even try! Very impressive, indeed. Thanks for a great post, and continued good luck with your writing, Shari!

    Sharing! 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on The Write Stuff and commented:
    Hi, Folks! Here’s today’s Bad Moon Rising featured guest, Shari Sakurai, who has accomplished something I’ve never even worked up the nerve to try! Check out her fun interview and her intriguing books, and then pass the post along if you would, so others can take a look, too. Thanks, and thanks again to Teri for this terrific series! 🙂

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  5. I love it when vampires have consciences! So much more interesting that way. And a true sister with a messy writing space. I wrote at the kitchen table for years. Finally turned my garage into a real office and have managed to mess that up too.

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  6. I haven’t seen the movie. But I would suspect part of the reason the Babadook at the police station being a freak out is because the police station is one place the character would think they’re safe! If they aren’t safe there….

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