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It’s a double debut for today’s author – her first time at Bad Moon Rising with her first novel. I’ve seen some stellar reviews for her dark, gritty western, and it’s waiting on my TBR. She’s also a King fan, and prefers slimy things to furry. Welcome Jessica Bakkers!

Has a movie or book scared you so much you couldn’t sleep?  Which one?

Yes! Stephen King (naturally) did it to me twice. First, The Shining movie. A girlfriend and I watched it when we were about fourteen, then spent the whole night awake and terrified until my parents got home. The worst thing was, we had a huge doggie door (for a fat lab) that a person could easily crawl through. We stood sentinel beside the door for hours convinced someone was going to climb through.

The second time was IT (the 1980 something movie). I watched that WAY too young, and when I went to bed that night, I was convinced Pennywise was standing in the shadows. Suffice it to say, I spent a few nights on a mattress in my parent’s room after that!

If you were in a horror movie, would you rather have a loaded gun or a car that wouldn’t break down?

Oh, I am so having the gun. I will go all Ash from Evil Dead on the horror movie’s baddies! No running and hiding for me. I’m that person in the cinema, when the goodie runs and hides, who yells out, “No, don’t go upstairs! Pick up that hockey stick and whack ‘em!”

Either that, or I am the bad guy from the horror movie!

Would you rather put your hand in a box and feel something slimy or furry?

Definitely not furry. I know that’s going to sound odd, but let me explain. I’m from Australia, and most of our furry things here can kill you. Seriously. Plus, I have a massive, immense, humungous phobia of spiders, and they are usually always hairy. And gross. And just wrong. So, yeah, bring on the slime box!

What was the hardest scene to write in your featured book?

The second to last scene. Something pretty big happens near the end of the book, and I knew it was going to be an emotionally exhausting scene to write. And it was. But, I pulled no punches, the scene came out pretty much as I’d envisioned, and I’ve gotten kudos for that particular scene. So, I guess the moral of the story is, embrace those hard-to-write scenes. They may turn out to be your best scenes.

Which comes first for you – plot or characters?

Characters. I always get characters first. Sometimes they jump up and down and shout at me, and then I shout back “What do you want from me? You turn up here, in my head, with no story, no world, and what? You expect me to do all the hard work for you?”

Then they remind me I’m the writer, smirk smugly, and wander around my skull with steel-toed boots until I can find them a home.

Dang characters.

What are you working on now?

No real surprise, The Armageddon Showdown Book 2 – Sins of the Lamb. I’m three quarters finished. Then I’ll be delving into the final book of the series. I also have a novella in mind for this series that I think I’ll pop into a short story anthology brewing in my brain. Finally, when all that’s done, I can get on with my out-and-out dark fantasy series (very hush hush…no sneaky details on this one!)

Purchase Link https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08B146J2G/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_tkin_p1_i0


Jessie expects he’ll be forever cleaning up after the cowpokes of the Bad Hoss Saloon. That’s until the day a drifter strides through the doors, and blows away a blood-sucking demon, along with Jessie’s belief in an everyday world. Jessie is captivated by the enigmatic Grace with her pearl-handled revolvers and wolf companion. He throws in his normal life and follows her across the Wild West, as she hunts down and slays the evil creatures that roam the frontier.

Along the way, they seek the aid of a Native American warrior, cross paths with a Cajun Queen, and encounter a small-town tycoon with a deadly hunger for gold. Animosity and distrust plague Grace and Jessie, and their strange group of allies, but they must put their differences behind them if they’re to have any hope of finding and defeating the frontier’s true evil, the Darksome Gunman.

The Armageddon Showdown is a dark-fantasy, weird western series of epic proportions, focusing on the age-old battle between good and evil, though in the Wild West, it’s not always clear just who is good and who is evil.

Join the Grace Dyer and her band of miscreants as they battle demons and demi-gods, in the frontier’s deadliest conflict…the Armageddon Showdown.


Jessica is a creative writer with over twenty years of writing experience. Jessica is a speculative fiction writer, and has written in the genres of fantasy-romance and paranormal-romance, however her genre of choice when it comes to writing for herself is dark fantasy where she allows herself to fully explore the anti-hero characters that pepper her stories. Jessica dabbles at poetry and has written professionally for clients both locally and internationally.

Jessica’s debut novel, Guns of Perdition, The Armageddon Showdown Book 1, is a dark fantasy, weird western adventure through a twisted Wild West.

Jessica’s major love affair is with the written word, specifically creative writing. On writing, Jessica is quoted as saying, “I allow myself to indulge and rendezvous with this secret lover whenever time allows…and then we make beautiful poetry together!”


Amazon – Author Page

Goodreads – Author page

Website – JessicaBakkers.com

Facebook – The Written Word

Twitter – @JessicaBakkers

80 thoughts on “#BadMoonRising Guns of Perdition(Armageddon Showdown #1) by Jessica Bakkers #darkfantasy #TuesdayBookBlog #horror

  1. I LOVED the movie It, Jess! Of course, I watched it when I was older, so that’s probably why it didn’t freak me out that much, but Pennywise was one creepy dude. I got a good chuckle out of your gun or car answer, an–having read Guns of Perdition– I can imagine why that scene you mentioned was so hard to write. GoP is one fabulous, dark, gritty story, and I can’t wait for book 2!!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks Mae!! The worst thing about Pennywise is, now as an adult, I can’t see him as anything but Tim Curry’s Dr Fran N Furter from Rocky Horror, so far from scaring me now, he just cracks me up. I guess that’s the problem when an actor portrays your Big Bad 🙂
      You’ve inspired me to pull my proverbial finger out and get finished on Book 2 now.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Harmony! Oh you said it. IT came out (the movie I mean) when I was still way too young to watch it (same with The Shining – both book and movie), but my parents didn’t believe in censorship. I think watching and reading those type of books/movies is what made me as weird as I am today!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. You’re 100% right, Staci. There was a LOT of learning in the first book. I thought I was a brilliant writer, but it took five years, multiple rewrites and edits, and some AMAZING Beta and Editing help before GoP was anywhere near ready to release. Thankfully, the whole process taught me a lot, and I’m now not making nearly as many mistakes with Book 2. Now all I need to do is stop writing in fits and starts, and get some kind of a routine going!
      I feel your Kindle pain!! Mine is going to have a meltdown with all the unread books crammed into it 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks, Jacqui! True story – I’ll be sitting there peacefully, minding my own business, then suddenly, a character will pop into my head, all petulant and grouchy, demanding to be written. If I’m lucky I can relegate them to a ‘character bank’ to wait their turn. If they’re too insistent… then you get Grace in Guns of Perdition 😉

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  2. suerovens

    OMG. Spiders? They are so unacceptable. And in Australia? That’s like, the ultimate nightmare. You are a brave soul just for having dealt with them in any context! And of course, congratulations on the book (and great interview!). 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks so much! And yes… spiders. Here in Aus we get them the size of dinner plates. NOT fun, my friend. Especially when dear husband is as terrified as I am. Then there’s lots of insect killer, lots of screaming, and the occasional setting a house on fire.

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  3. You know, Jessica looks like such a sweet, innocent girl, doesn’t she? You’d never guess that a peek inside her head would reveal so many horrible, scary things! GAH!! But you’ll find out when you read Guns of Perdition, and then … you’ll never look at her the same way again. (Muah-hahahahahaha.) Seriously, she does tell a dark, dark story, with some pretty scary bits and pieces. But if you’re up for it, or if that’s perhaps your favorite kind of book, you’ll love it. I enjoyed it very much, except for that one scene mentioned above, but once I calmed down again, I realized that it worked exactly as it should.

    I definitely recommend this book if you like a really good scary story. Well done, Jess! And I’ll be working up my courage to read the next one, too. I just have to see what happens next! 😀 (And great answers to the above questions, too!) Super post, Teri and Jessica. Sharing!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ahahaha! You crack me up M. You don’t know how many people think I’m sweet and innocent – vanilla – until they get to know me. That’s why I never let residents (of the retirement village I manage) into my own unit…they’d die if they saw my decor or book collection. Skulls, swords, horror, dark fantasy. I think I have to blame it all on my mum. She was an oddball and she passed it onto me. GoP was definitely one of the darker things I’ve written, and I don’t think Book 2 will be AS heavy (as that last scene especially)…but I can’t make any promises about Book 3 (muah-hahahaha right back at you).

      Thanks so much for popping by and reblogging 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Do yer best, kiddo! I’m braced for it now. You can only take me by THAT big of a surprise once, and you’ve done it. So give it your worst. Or your best. Whichever. I can take it! 😀 (Probably.) 😉

        My pleasure to stop in and to reblog, too. Hope you sell lots and lots more books. (Why should I be the only one whose eyeballs popped half out of her head??? 😯 😯 😯 )

        😀 ❤

        Liked by 2 people

  4. Reblogged this on The Write Stuff and commented:
    Head on over to Teri Polen’s Bad Moon Rising, folks. I’m late getting to this, but you really need to check out her guest today, Jessica Bakkers. And if you haven’t read Guns of Perdition yet, you should consider grabbing a copy of it, too. I can attest to it being dark and scary, but it’s definitely a great read. You’ll enjoy Jess’s answers to the interview questions too. After you’re done reading, please pass it along so more folks can enjoy it, as well. Thanks, and thanks to Teri & Jessica for a fun post!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Wow!! It’s such a thrill seeing GoP featured here on BMR!! It was also great fun answering the questions and being a part of it this year. I’m now committed to having Book 2 out early next year so I can be part of BMR again next year. Thanks so much Teri!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Great answers, Jessica! The Exorcist did it for me. 🙂 I no longer watch scary movies. I live alone and don’t need to feel frightened. I have to agree about the furry vs. slimy. Furry could mean something’s still alive and slime pretty much assures it’s dead. 🙂 Great interview, Teri and Jessica!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. When I saw the title *Guns of Perdition*, I immediately thought of *Have Gun – Will Travel*–and that’s before I saw your book’s cover. I think in my mind I was mixing the TV show title with its first episode, “Three Bells to Perdido.”

    As for a huge doggie door that a person could easily crawl through, one of my neighbors had one like that–for her cats!


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