Derby Fun and #AmWatching

Although four months late, this was a beautiful Derby weekend in KY and temps were pretty mild compared to what they’ve been.  Hubby and I spent Derby day at a small gathering of friends and family.  Lots of food, several varieties of bourbon, and many bets on horses that didn’t pay off.  We’re not big gamblers, but hubby and sons (not me because I’m horrible at it) usually place a few bets througout the day for fun.  Before the last race, we all draw numbers corresponding to the horses, and I came in third with Mr. Big News winning me the glass and mini bottle in the pic – woo hoo!  It was a fun-filled day, and one I’m glad we were able to celebrate even four months late.

My oldest son was here for the weekend, as well as some of his friends who aren’t local anymore, for an even more important event – fantasy football draft.  They’ve been doing this together for years, even though one of them is now living in Australia.  I have no idea what time it was in his part of the world when they began yesterday, but my son had plenty of lists and charts he’d made in preparation.  I was just glad to have both sons here for lunch yesterday – it’s a rare occasion these days.

If you ever watched The Karate Kid, you’ve probably seen ads for Cobra Kai on Netflix.  It’s incredibly difficult for me to find something hubby will watch, but I decided to spring this one on him – and he’s hooked.  Yes, it’s cheesy and pretty laughable at times, but it’s also full of Karate Kid Easter eggs you’ll pick up on if you’re a fan of the movie.  Underlying themes of how to be a better dad/person/friend are often covered up by immature high school rivalries and alpha male crap, but if you look deeply – sometimes very deeply (you may need a shovel) – you’ll discover them.  The episodes are less than thirty minutes each, and there are two seasons.  If you’re a child of the 80s, you might enjoy it.

32 thoughts on “Derby Fun and #AmWatching

  1. Several varieties of bourbon? That’s right up my alley, Teri. I haven’t watched the Derby, but it must be a fun event in KY, and worthy of a few bets. My husband is a huge fantasy-every-sport player and this year has been tough. He was probably drafting at the same time as your son. LOL. Happy Labor Day.

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    1. While living here, we’ve had such a fantastic time touring bourbon distilleries, Diana. They’ve been very educational, and then there’s the tasting at the end! I was surprised the draft was still on this year, but I’m glad they were still able to make a go of it. Hope your hubby has a good season!

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    1. I quit making bets several years ago, Jacquie – I always lost, but drawing a random horse in addition to all the real bets on the final race has been a fun tradition. And it’s always a bonus when the boys can be there.

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  2. It’s so weird to have the triple crown races out of sequence, but I was still glued to the derby. I look forward to all three races every year.
    I keep seeing promos for Cobra Kai on Netflix. I want to give it a try. Of course, I’m still working my way through Longmire!

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    1. I’ve learned a lot more about horses and the races than I ever thought I would, Mae. Before we moved here, I’d heard of Derby, of course, but don’t think I ever watched it. Now, it’s a fun time spent with friends and family. We’re just about to finish season 2 of Cobra Kai, so it will be a challenge to find something else for hubby – maybe Longmire would hook him. I hope!

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  3. suerovens

    The glass is cool! 🙂 And as for Cobra Kai – we are loving it. I was 20 in 1984, so The Karate Kid was a big deal for me (I started TaeKwonDo when I was 19 in college). I saw it so many times! I love this series and don’t care if it’s over the top sometimes. LOL. If the two main leads weren’t in it (or played by someone else), this wouldn’t have worked.

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    1. I agree, Sue – with two other actors, it wouldn’t have worked. It was great both of them came back for it. We”ll probably finish season two in the next couple of says. As many times as Allie has been mentioned, we’re wondering if Elizabeth Shue might turn up for a cameo.

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