Writing Gods, #TheBatman Trailer, and #BadMoonRising

So, last Monday I’m working on the sequel to Subject A36, boosting the word count.  All of a sudden, my laptop crashes, then starts up again.  I try to open the file, which had around 2K words in it, and nothing.  Says it’s corrupt, and there’s a little red X beside it.  I take a deep, calming breath, tell myself it’s Monday, I’d planned to get in a few hours of writing, and of course something had to go wrong.  What else did I expect?  The writing gods scoffed, much in the same vein as Soup Nazi on Seinfield – No word count for you!  I Google what to do about this problem, read through solution after solution, try several options, but nothing works.  Again – what else did I expect?  I call my computer guru friend, who immediately abandons her couch-buying expedition and comes to my aid.  Although I insisted she didn’t need to drop everything, that’s just the kind of friend she is – how lucky am I?  After arriving and then doing some research of her own, she restored my file, with not one word lost.  Woo-hoo!  Thanks, Susan!

The trailer of The Batman dropped this weekend, and I’m loving this darker version – it can’t release soon enough for me.  Some fans are skeptical about Robert Pattinson as Batman, but I think he can pull it off.  If you’ve only seen him in the Twilight movies, I understand your skepticism.  But I’ve also seen several of his indie movies – don’t underestimate him.  I think you’ll be surprised.

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29 thoughts on “Writing Gods, #TheBatman Trailer, and #BadMoonRising

  1. So glad your file was restored. Remember its 2020, if anything bad is going to happen, it will be this year. I´m sure you have a backup of your WIP but even losing a part of it is so upsetting. Thank heaven for good IT friends!! I have sen Robert Pattinson in other movies and he is a good actor. In fact, he portrayed his character well in Twilight! Have a great week.

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    1. I was actually trying to back up the whole folder when it happened, Darlene – but you’re right about bad luck and 2020, lol. I also thought Pattinson did a good job in Twilight, but I realize opinions vary. I’m loving the trailer – keep seeing new things every time I watch it.

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  2. Your friend is a lifesaver, Teri. I’ve lost work before and whenever I attempt to recreate the scene I was working on at the time, it never seems to be as good on a redo. Fortunately, it’s only happened once or twice.

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    1. I have a friend who lost over 15K words. Her BIL, who works in the recovery field, couldn’t even get it back. She was on a deadline and had to ask her agent for more time. I can’t even begin to think how you start from there. My 2K words seem like nothing compared to that, but you still panic.

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  3. So glad your friend was able to help. I had a similar experience a couple of weeks ago. My computer crashed and Scrivener didn’t back up the file. Lost about 750 words. I rewrote the scene and I choose to beleive I did it better the second time.

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  4. “No word count for you” – hahaha, this cracked me up (in a sad, sorry for you, it sucks, kind of way)! Luckily I have a tech-head husband who has me hooked up with the Cloud, so when I write it instantly saves up there. Somewhere.

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  5. Yikes! Teri, my heart fell to my stomach. I know how relieved you were to get the file restored. I had a similar glitch with my WIP last week. I tend to blame things like that on “updates” that get automatically installed.
    Glad all is well, and thanks for your feedback on the new Batman — I hadn’t heard about this one. Can’t wait for Bad Moon Rising! Hugs on the wing!

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