Earthquake, Winery, and #BadMoonRising

Hubby and I spent the weekend with his younger brother and his family in the mountains of North Carolina over the weekend.  The weather was fantastic – much cooler temps and lower humidity (woo-hoo!).  On a lazy Sunday morning yesterday, I was reading (duh) while my BIL worked on his laptop, when everything started to shake – vibrations in the floor, ceiling, everywhere.  We looked at each other in shock – earthquake!  But seriously, with what 2020 has brought already, we shouldn’t have been surprised.  It was brief, no injuries, but the largest earthquake NC has experienced in over 100 years – so that was exciting.

This is a picture of my niece’s ENO hammock – which is hung on the balcony of a second story condo.  It was a long drop to the ground.  Watching her get in it had my heart racing – but she did it just fine.  Reading in a hammock sounds like a perfect day – only closer to the ground.

Sunday afternoon, we went to a local winery where my BIL was performing – he’s a physician by day, but sings, writes music, and plays guitar in his free time.  Being outside, the event was well-attended – folks were just anxious to get out of the house.  It may not look like it from the picture, but social distancing was in effect and masks were aplenty.  Wine, food, music, and friends – a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.

If you’re a horror, thriller, or paranormal/supernatural author and would love some free publicity, I’m still taking signups for Bad Moon Rising – more information HERE.

Have a safe and healthy week!

36 thoughts on “Earthquake, Winery, and #BadMoonRising

  1. Oh no, I heard about the earthquake. Glad you’re okay! Sounds like you still had a good time. I’m so jealous of the lower humidity and cooler temps you got to experience. Missouri is literally a wet, hot blanket right now and I can’t stand it.

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  2. I’ve experience a light – and thankfully brief – earthquake in 2004. I remember waking up, frowning at the shaking window, the shaking light bulb, and thinking, it’s an earthquake.
    I’m glad there was no harm and that you still managed to enjoy your weekend with family.

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  3. That’s scary about the earthquake, Teri. I hadn’t heard about it. I’m glad everyone was okay.

    And I agree with you about the hammock. Perfect place for reading, just much lower to the ground, please (I’m terrified of heights).

    The wine festival looked like a lot of fun, too.

    I’m off to sign up for Bad Moon Rising!

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  4. You got to enjoy the earthquake too! I was doing the same thing – just reading and enjoying my first cup of coffee. Just chilling. Then I heard a whoosh sound and the house started shaking and kept shaking. So weird. Glad you had a nice weekend in the mountains 😊

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  5. Earthquakes are so scary because there’s no warning for them. I sometimes freak myself out thinking The Big One that’s supposed to hit the west coast some day could happen–right now!
    I’d better get my info to you for Bad Moon. I’ll be publishing a book of speculative/supernatural stories near the end of September, and I finally got the cover image today.

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    1. That was my first, Diana, and I certainly won’t complain if it’s my last. The winery did a fantastic job at keeping people distanced. They have a perfect shady spot that allows for plenty of tables while keeping folks comfortably apart. Such a nice day!

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    1. It didn’t last long – thankfully – but it was so bizarre. Not a regular occurence (one that you can feel, anyway) in this part of the states. It really is a beautiful spot – it was the second time we’ve been there and the owners are just wonderful.

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  6. I read about this earthquake on another blog, Teri. Apparently it was 5.1 which is quite big. What a year this has been to be sure. It sounds like you had a pleasant holiday. I’ve emailed you. Apologies, I forgot. I’m trying to do to many things at once at the moment.

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    1. 5.1 is nothing to sneeze at. So odd for this part of the country. We had a fantastic time, Robbie. And I know what you mean about trying to do too many things at once – my list isn’t pretty right now, lol. I’ll send you the date later this morning.

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  7. Glad none of you were injured in the earthquake. We had a very mild one just off the coast not too far from us. It was mild enough that we didn’t feel it, but the dogs got a big aggitated.

    I’m with you on the hammock thing: sounds like a nice and relaxing place to spend the day reading, if it’s closer to the ground so it’s not going to be quite so far to fall.

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    1. I’ve always heard animals are more attuned to weather events. If my BIL’s dog had been there, I bet he’d have gone bonkers. I’d love to spend the day in a hammock reading – but as you said, much closer to the ground, lol.


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