Moving and #BadMoonRising

We are so done with moving.  Finally.  We started packing the youngest son on Thursday, he stayed with us a couple nights, and then moved him in on Saturday.

So. Much. Stuff.

He and two roommates are renting part of a house and luckily, he has a large bedroom.  Besides the usual furniture, with one of his majors being music, he also has electronic drums, a keyboard, and a guitar.  As a tea lover, he has a wide variety (I’m talking drawers of tea bags and boxes), and being a foodie, he owns more spices, various vinegars, condiments, and marinades than I do.  The house is close to campus, it’s a nice place, and he’s rooming with two good friends – now we’ll see how the in person/virtual classes work out in a few weeks.

Get those horror, paranormal, and thriller books ready – it’s almost time for Bad Moon Rising signups!  This will be the sixth year (can you believe it?), and it’s something I always look forward to.  Then again, anything involving books is exciting, right?  If my week goes as planned, signups will open Friday, so stay tuned.

Have a great week – stay safe and healthy!

36 thoughts on “Moving and #BadMoonRising

  1. suerovens

    Moving is exhausting and exciting 🙂 I always found one of the best parts is getting “new stuff” for the “new place” 🙂 I’m sure he’ll have plenty to do before that first shopping trip!

    And, as usual, I’m looking forward to BMR! Thank you for doing it!

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    1. He borrowed my car yesterday to make trips to Target, Big Lots, etc. – picking up all those extras you need after moving in. Glad he returned it in one piece! Bad Moon is a labor of love, Sue – enjoy it every year.

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    1. Good luck, Tessa. I was reading how the university here is handling it – scheduled move-in times, dropoffs weeks ahead of classes, one family per elevator, etc. So much to think about. Hope it goes smoothly for you!

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  2. Hooboy, that brings back memories. Well, my daughter went to a military academy so that was no big deal. My son refused the dorms–commuted from home. That made it easy. I imagined it would go something like you describe if circumstances had been different.

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    1. It’s not fun, Jacqui, but I hope it’s taught them to get rid of things they don’t need – and that doesn’t mean putting it in our garage. The youngest could easily commute from home, but he wanted to stay first in dorms and then with his friends, and we were fine with that. The empty nest isn’t as bad as people say, lol!


      1. Yeah but we can’t do anything yet until they officially tell in emails and were given permission as they might change country based policy and if that happens it’s useless to prepare in advance. But we do have plans in mind we can act on as soon as the email comes in our favour. And at least we can start looking for house.

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    1. It’s something I feature on the blog every year throughout the month of October. A different horror/paranormal/thriller author every day – probably should have explained it better, but I wasn’t fully awake when I wrote the post this morning, lol.


    1. He loves to cook, Jina, and started having an interest at a young age. I don’t think he minds friends using his stuff, but he prefers they stay out of the kitchen when he’s cooking, lol. You know how those temperamental chefs are. Another of his roommates enjoys cooking, but the other will probably take advantage of it since he doesn’t really cook much for himself.

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