#AuthorLife, Moving, and #WritingGoals

Not much going on around here.  Last week was a blur of unpacking from vacation, washing clothes, apartment hunting (more on that below) and trying to sneak in some reading and writing time.  With all of my scheduled author events cancelled, I’ve been working on some new Canva and Bookbrush images to try and sell some books.  The good thing is that my fall writing retreat is still on – yay!

Looks like hubby and I have two moves coming up later in July.  The oldest son is moving into a different apartment along with starting his new job.  This one includes a small office, which will be perfect since he’ll be working remotely.  His cat, Sora, will be thrilled with all the windows and a balcony where she can go outside – assuming she’s smart enough not to try jumping.  The youngest son and two friends have been searching for a new apartment before the fall semester, but they haven’t had much luck.  His current lease expires at the end of July, so time is running out.  We’re just hoping the new apartment isn’t on the third floor (like his current one) and it’s not a thousand degrees outside with 100% humidity the day we move him (like it was last summer).  Good times.

An author friend has inspired me to make some weekly writing goals (thanks, Staci!).  My goal this week is to add at least 3K words to my WIP.  I think that’s pretty doable and I’m hoping to exceed that number.  I have about four scenes planned out in my head – I’ll update you next Monday.

Have a great week and stay healthy!

35 thoughts on “#AuthorLife, Moving, and #WritingGoals

  1. I hate moving, but seem to end up doing it a lot. *sigh* Anyway, glad the one son has a place – sounds like a nice one too. Good luck finding something for your other son by the end of July.

    Awesome about the writing goal. I hope you manage to achieve it. Good luck! Also, I’m glad your August writing retreat looks like it’s going to be able to happen.

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    1. The youngest son just signed a lease yesterday – it’s a small apartment for the three of them, so I’m hoping it works out. I plan on blocking out some time every day to write and guarding it from any interruptions, so hopefully I’ll have a good word count by the end of the week. And I’m really excited about the writing retreat – it’s at the beach this year!

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  2. Isn’t the college apartment always on the third floor (with no elevator)? My youngest daughter was on the third floor last year and my oldest daughter was too at her Disney internship apartment. So fun moving! This year they both will be on the same campus and are sharing a townhouse, so no stairs except inside their rental. Yay!!!
    I’m starting back to work on my WIP. I have 10 more scenes to write, so I might make a scene/day goal. Scrivener has me looking at scenes where I usually look at word count.❤️

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    1. Yes! I think it’s a rule there are never any elevators with college apartments, Tessa, lol. Glad your daughters will be in the same place this year – easier for you!

      I’ve never attempted to use Scrivener, but friends that use it swear by it. I’m still using Word – old school, I know. Good luck with your WIP!

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    1. I agree, Robbie – in person sales are always easier and more fun. I love talking to readers about books – I’ll miss doing that for the forseeable future. The youngest just signed a lease, but I haven’t seen the place yet. Keep your fingers crossed.


  3. Oh my goodness. I remember those days of moving the offspring to upstairs apartments. Neither of us can do the heavy lifting anymore, but we still provide the pick-up truck. I hope your son finds a good spot on the ground floor. And good for you for creating some writing goals. Keep it up!

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    1. There was a moment yesterday we thought he’d be on the third floor (no elevator, of course), but then they gave him the option of the second floor and he took it. At least it’s a few flights shorter! And I did two sprints yesterday for a total of 800 words – it’s a start.

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  4. suerovens

    Ug. Moving in the summer. It’s always pretty much a nightmare! Drink a TON of water (or tea!). My advice – recruit some strong kids and buy the pizza. 🙂

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  5. Ugh, isn’t unpacking from vacay the worst? Why is it so much fun packing, but so horrible UNpacking? Good luck with the word count goal – that’s a very respectable amount to add per week. I might informally try for the same amount. But shh, this is just between you and me, so if I fail I won’t feel TOO bad 😁

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    1. Your secret is safe with me – I’m a vault, Jessica. I hate unpacking and tend to do it slowly over a few days. Hubby unpacks the moment he gets the luggage in the bedroom. The word count was respectable yesterday, so I’m hoping today goes even better.

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