#BookConline, #AmWriting, and #TenetTrailer

Over the weekend, I spent Saturday and Sunday watching several author panels at BookConline.  I’ve never been to BookCon in NYC (but it ranks right up there with ComicCon in places I’d love to go), so it was a treat to see so many YA authors together.  World-building, fantasy, epic YA, paranormal – I watched all of them and more.  There were plenty of ARC giveaways, but I figured the odds of me winning were slim, and I’ve got enough to keep me busy for quite a while anyway.

The writing has commenced!  I’ve been working on the sequel to Subject A36 – finally.  Right now I’m putting together character arcs and figuring out some plot points.  The number of POVs may be a challenge – everyone wants to talk, but some of them will just have to settle for letting their story be told through the eyes of another character.  Breaking the news won’t be pretty, I’m thinking.

Have you guys seen the trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet?  Inception (one of my favorite movies) was mind-bending and Memento wickedly twisted.  And his Dark Knight series?  You get what I’m saying.  When I first saw the preview for this movie months ago, I had no idea what it was actually about and honestly didn’t care.  It was a Nolan movie.  This new, second trailer goes into more detail and I’m stupid excited to see it in July.  Assuming the theaters are open.  Keeping fingers crossed!

Take care and stay healthy!

20 thoughts on “#BookConline, #AmWriting, and #TenetTrailer

  1. I haven’t gotten into the online courses and presentations yet. I don’t know why since this is the perfect time to indulge. It sounds like you hit a good bunch, Teri, that invigorated your muse. I’m so excited to heat the you’re working on the sequel! And laughed at the hard conversations you’re going to have with your characters. Lol. You started my day with a smile. Happy Writing!

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    1. Those panels can be really inspiring, Diana. To hear so many other writers say it’s been difficult to be productive over the past few months and ways they’ve tried to boost productivity is helpful. And yes, there are some tough conversations in my future. Glad I helped launch your week with laughter!

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  2. Ooo… I wasn’t familiar with BookConLine, Teri. Maybe I can find at least some of it on Youtube. Thanks for this post. Good luck with your sequel. The first volume is going to be hard to top! It’s a fabulous story. Hugs on the wing!

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