#BookClub, Salons, and #Gardening

My book club met through Zoom again last week – fourteen of us!  The theme for this month was YA historical fiction.  I don’t play in that sandbox very often, but the second book of the Justina Ireland’s Dread Nation series, Deathless Divide, was available on audio.  It’s set during the Civil War era, so that counts.  That it contains zombies just makes it more interesting for me.  Next month’s theme was scheduled to be YA books involving mental health, but that’s just a bit too heavy for now, so by unanimous decision, we changed it to reading something that makes us happy.

Here in KY, our governor is gradually opening up some businesses, and salons are on the schedule for the last week of May.  I started growing out my bangs in December – couldn’t have planned the timing any better, lol – but I still need a trim.  Appointments open up tomorrow, but I figure they’ll be booked solid for at least a couple weeks.

Other than planning some scenes that need to happen, I didn’t get much done on the WIP last week.  Much of it was spent planting flowers and herbs.  I grow basil every summer (nothing beats fresh basil on grilled flatbread pizzas), but this summer I also added Greek oregano (which was fantastic in Greek chicken last week) and rosemary.  Last summer I gave cilantro a second try, but it again failed to survive.  I set the pot aside and didn’t give it a second thought, then was surprised a few days ago to see it had sprung up from seed.  Now I’m afraid to do anything to it because I’ve read it’s difficult to grow, but I’d sure love to have it for some summer salsa recipes.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Take care and stay healthy, friends!



26 thoughts on “#BookClub, Salons, and #Gardening

  1. I can’t wait to get my hair trimmed up. The ends are really starting to show that they need it. I’ve been wondering how they can trim your hair while you wear a mask though. I guess I’ll see 😊

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  2. Our hairdressers and barbers are open as of today, so I’m getting mine cut tomorrow. Oh, happy days!! Our writer’s circle is meeting for the first time in 8 weeks via Zoom on Wednesday so things to look forward to. Take care. xo

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    1. We’ve plateaued here – so far. Right now, more healthcare is opening up and some other businesses will start next week. That’s with the stipulation employees wear masks, and if customers don’t wear them, businesses have the right to refuse them entry.

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    1. My son grew lemon thyme a few years ago thinking it would make for some good tea. He didn’t like it at all, but it sure smelled good.

      Have my appointment for the haircut, but they don’t start until the last week of May. Four weeks to go!

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  3. Hi Teri – great to see your post! (This is Barb from Book Club Mom, by the way). My bangs were getting very long, so I cut them. They are still recovering! Here in Pennsylvania, we are still in a stay-at-home, so almost everyone is working from home. I have done some work Zooms and one family Zoom, but not a book club Zoom. That’s next! Take care 🙂

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    1. Hi, Barb! This is my second time trying to grow them out, but I finally made it. I’ve cut them myself before, with some disastrous results. Most folks are still working from home here, also (hubby included, and he’s not crazy about it), but it will be nice to see some things opening up by the end of the month. Zoom was new to me six weeks ago, but I’ve been in on numerous meetings now. Have fun with your book club!

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  4. Don’t blame you all for wanting to change the theme for the next book given current circumstances.

    I usually cut my own hair, so I don’t have to worry about that, and recently cut my hair. Hubby could do with a haircut though. I told him if we’re not out of lockdown in time for him to get it done by July, I’m cutting his hair. He’s not entirely keen on the idea, but reluctantly agreed. Don’t tell him, but I kind of hope I don’t need to do his hair. I’ve only ever cut one other person’s hair, and though they were pleased with the job I did, I’m not eager to play hairdresser if I can help it. I prefer to do my own, but doing it for others is another matter. Still, he does need a haircut rather badly… The dogs will need theirs done soon too (especially Lilie) but I can’t do theirs, since I can’t risk them moving at the wrong moment, so they’ll have to wait however long it takes for the groomer to be back open.

    I start out great with gardening, but it’s not something I’m good at mantaining. I’ve tried a few times, but I’m no gardener.

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    1. I’d never attempt to cut hubby’s hair, even if he begged me. I can’t even begin to imagine how ridiculous it would look, lol.

      A friend of mine has been holding off on attempting to cut her dog’s nails for the first time. Luckily, pet groomers are opening next week. I’d hate to even attempt that one.

      I’m definitely not a gardener either, Tori, but basil seems to like me, so that’s one I’ll do every summer. Tomatoes? I’ve killed more plants than I can count.


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