#GameNight, #YallStayHome, and a #BookSale

This weekend was a fun one.  Hubby and I had game night courtesy of Zoom with friends on Saturday.  We played Scattergories and Taboo while drinking our beverage of choice and laughed for two hours.  These are friends we get together with regularly, but times being what they are, we’ve really missed spending time with them.  Besides the games, we caught up with each other, talked about our kids (who are all close friends), and poked fun at quarantine beards.  A fantastic way to spend a Saturday night.

Y’all West, a young adult book festival more recently renamed Y’all Stay Home, was this weekend.  It was virtual (the new norm), and I watched two panels – Suckage is Part of Writing and Worldbuilding Beyond Wikipedia.  The first was moderated by Jay Kristoff – I’m so excited for the second book of his Aurora Rising series releasing next month!  His co-author of that series, Amie Kaufman, was also on the panel.  The second was moderated by Roshani Chokshi, author of The Gilded Wolves series – one of my favs.  Basically, all the authors admitted their first drafts suck – but that’s normal.  If you don’t get anything on the page, there’s nothing to edit and improve.  World-building is always interesting to me.  Where do writers begin?  How much do they research?  To what extent do they build?  Listening to other authors discuss their process always inspires me.

In honor of World Book Day, my publisher, Black Rose Writing, is having a 50% off sale on any order from their website HERE through May 3rd.  With a variety of genres, there’s something for everyone.  Use code IMAGINE50 to get the discount.

Take care and stay healthy!

22 thoughts on “#GameNight, #YallStayHome, and a #BookSale

  1. That game night sounds awesome. I love laughing and drinking. 😉 Games are good, too. Actually, I love Taboo because of the being able to buzz the buzzer at people because I’m two.

    Yay for World Book Day! I’ll share and check out the books from Black Rose.

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    1. I always loved playing Clue. We have the original, but also a version of The Simpsons that’s fun (one of the weapons is Homer’s donut). Roast beef always sounds good to me. Sounds like you guys had a fantastic game night also, Robbie!

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  2. Sophie @BewareOfTheReader

    You seem to have had amazing times Teri! Do you know if the panels are still online? That’s something I love when I go to YALC: the authors panels!

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