Weekend, #BookClub, and Goodreads Challenge

How’s everyone doing – hanging in there?  We’re keeping busy here.  Spent the weekend pressure washing, mowing, finishing up the garage, and mopping the screened porch.  Bicycles that hadn’t been ridden in years were dragged out and ridden through the neighborhood – and that seat isn’t any more comfortable than the last time I rode it.  Still, it was a gorgeous weekend and nice to get out of the house.

My book club met last week!  On Zoom, of course.  We had about 14 members, and it was so good to see everyone and talk about books.  The first thirty minutes were spent just catching up and checking in on how everyone’s doing.  And our furry friends got to attend this meeting!  Dogs, cats, and one ceramic cat (she keeps plants, not pets) made appearances.  Bond was camera shy, which surprised me a little.  And there was wine (we usually meet at the library)!  The book topic this month was to read a retelling.  My choice was The Traitor Prince by C.J. Redwine – a retelling of an Arabian tale entitled The False Prince.  After more than two hours, fun was had by all and spirits were lifted.  And we plan to do it again next month – maybe even sooner.

Like most people, I’ve been getting a good bit of reading done.  This is probably the first time I’ve ever been ahead on my Goodreads challenge!  I haven’t made any progres on the sequel to Subject A36, but it’s coming.  I’m setting aside a couple hours tomorrow to read over what I wrote for NaNo.  It’s time my characters and I became reacquainted.

Stay safe and take care!

30 thoughts on “Weekend, #BookClub, and Goodreads Challenge

  1. Teri, you seem to be adapting to our very surreal real-world well. You were certainly productive anyway. The Zoomed book club sounds great. LOL liked the ceramic cat remark.
    Every writer seems to be having a hard time focusing. I haven’t been able to focus in weeks — on anything I need to do, but especially on my writing.
    Looking forward to your sequel. I enjoyed Subject A36 hugely! Hugs on the wing!

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    1. I’m trying, Teagan. I always considered myself a homebody. Some folks in the club admitted they weren’t as much of a homebody as they’d thought. Focusing has absolutely been a problem, so I haven’t been too hard on myself. At least I’m getting some reading done. So glad you enjoyed A36!


  2. I’m happy to know you were able to continue with your book club, Teri. It sounds like fun. I’m curious, is Zoom difficult to set up and utilize? Is it easier than Skype? I’m trying to figure out a way to chat with my parents since I can’t go to see them. I’m sending my mother a daily video so she doesn’t forget me, but I want to see them too! My father has a flip phone so Facetime isn’t possible. I’m not familiar with Skype or Zoom.

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  3. Ah, so there’s a positive side to virtual book clubs. I wondered. I haven’t done much reading – I’m a little miffed about all these extra time people are talking about! On the other hand, I got some progress in my new wip, so I can’t really complain. Stay safe!

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    1. We’d prefer to meet in person, but we’ll settle for virtual for now, Jina! I’ve been zooming through books, both ebooks and audio. But I’m feeling the writing bug nipping at my heels. Glad you made some progress with yours!

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  4. Sophie @BewareOfTheReader

    This book club meeting is a fantastic idea Teri! It’s important no to lose contact with the people and hobbies that can lif our mood up!

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  5. suerovens

    I think having pets attend meetings (ALL meetings) should be a requirement. (real ones or not). It adds “the awesome” factor to anything. 🙂
    SO glad you are doing well! 🙂

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