Garage Mysteries, #BloodDonation, #AmWatching

Hubby and I finally started on the garage this weekend and got a section cleaned out.  We discovered a huge Christmas tree storage bag, but where it came from is a complete mystery to both of us.  It’s brand new, still in the wrapper.  Maybe Santa just left it in the wrong spot his last trip here.  We also found serving platters/trays of unknown origins.  No idea where they came from.  One thing I came across was an olive oil dipping set given to me years ago by a dear friend who passed away recently.  That’s something I’ll treasure.

A friend and I donated blood last week.  We honestly didn’t know what to expect as far as turnout.  Would people take a chance and leave their homes?  Was social distancing even possible in that situation?  I was thrilled to discover people in our community showed up.  The Red Cross turned us away from the first place because they were so busy, but the second location was able to fit us in.  With only a few employees working, folks had to wait a little longer, but no one minded.  Everyone was in good spirits and seemed happy they could do something to help.  Traffic was steady while we were there, and chairs were placed far enough apart that social distancing wasn’t a problem.  Cookies and a juice box were waiting for me when it was over!

Ozark season 3 dropped on Netflix last week, so that’s on my viewing schedule for this week.  I had my doubts about the first few episodes of last season, but then the story took turns I didn’t expect, so I’m really excited to see what happens.

Take care and stay healthy!

21 thoughts on “Garage Mysteries, #BloodDonation, #AmWatching

    1. It’s been years since I’ve donated, Tori. Before I began working at home, my employers usually had blood drives and it was easy to go out to the big RV in the parking lot and donate. I need to make it a habit again.


  1. Yay for cleaning! That’s what spring time is for, right?

    I’ve kept my apartment in pretty good standing for the most part and am continuing to ramp up for moving in a month and a half.

    Extra kudos for donating blood!

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      1. Oh, I bet!

        Thanks! I already did a round of cleaning, but definitely need to do another soon. I want to have as little possible going with me. Use it or lose it mentality.

        Definitely. With all this working from home it’s easy to sneak in more cleaning here and there.

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    1. Secret elves who deliver Christmas tree storage bags so households won’t be subject to the foul language erupting every January when it’s time to cram the trees back into boxes. I think it has potential, Jill.

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  2. So nice that you were able to donate blood. I’m unable to do so, but it’s important to remember during times like these that there are people out there that still need blood. Take care of yourself during these strange times.

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