Internet Woes, #AmReading, and #AmWatching

Our internet was down for the majority of last week.  Some websites took over 45 minutes to load and others I just gave up on.  Streaming Netflix or Prime was out of the question.  It took several hours of speaking to 9 different AT&T reps spanning Tuesday through Saturday before the problem was resolved.  The first 7 told me they couldn’t help me at all and transfered me from one department to another.  What it all came down to was when I received help via esupport chat a couple weeks ago, the rep made our WiFi modem into a cell phone, voice only.  Not by my request, obviously.  It’s a complicated story that makes absolutely no sense.  However, my new best friend is AT&T rep Michelle from Oklahoma City who got me up and running on Saturday in about 20 minutes.  I was on hold for 30 minutes before I got her, but she was well worth the wait.  Now I have lots of blog visits to catch up on.

Over the weekend, I finished A Boy Named Rabbit by Marcia Meara.  And I want to join the family in that book.  It was the perfect heart-warming, feel good read to take my mind off everything going on in the world right now.  Other readers have commented on how much they loved Rabbit, and I fell head over heels for him.  I still need to write the review, but it absolutely will be a 5 star!

Now that we have WiFi again, hubby and I were able to watch more NYPD Blue on Prime.  I watched the series when it was on years ago, but he never did – and he loves it.  We’re still in the first season, and it’s just as fantastic for me watching it a second time.  We’re also watching Ride with Norman Reedus (Daryl from TWD).  Hubby isn’t a fan of The Walking Dead, but he enjoys Norman’s motorcycle adventures with guests as he visits different states and countries learning about the local culture and sampling some pretty tasty food.  It’s on late night Sundays, so we DVR it.

Friends, we’re one week closer to the end of this pandemic.  Everyone take care and stay healthy!



37 thoughts on “Internet Woes, #AmReading, and #AmWatching

    1. I’m trying, Darlene. The rain held off long enough for us to finally get some yard work done over the weekend. And Marcia’s books are wonderful – one of my FB friends ordered the first two in the series after seeing my IG post about it. Word of mouth works!

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  1. I’m really sorry for your internet woes, Teri. NOTHING upsets me more than losing contact with my blogs, sites, and FRIENDS! Having said that, nothing makes me happier than hearing such kind comments about A Boy Named Rabbit. I started the writing game late in life, and am trying to improve my skills with each book. But when Sarah whispered in my ear one night, just as I was falling asleep, “There’s a little boy alone in the wilderness, and you need to tell his story,” it was a blessing like no other. Rabbit is so much fun to write, and he is definitely the hands-down favorite of all my readers. And now, he lives in my head 24/7, making his unique observations on the world we live in. (I try to write them all down as quickly as I can, because I never know when they are going to come in handy in another book.) 😀

    I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to know you enjoyed meeting him and reading his story. Life is tricky for me right now since I’m on “house arrest,” due to my high risk status (times 3) for you-know-what, so your comments jump started my day with a HUGE smile. Thank you so much! 😀 ❤

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    1. Glad I could brighten your Monday, Marcia! Rabbit just stole my heart, and I loved his observations on life. He’s definitely an old soul. Wish I could join their family! Take care and stay healthy, Marcia!


      1. He is an old soul, indeed, and I have to admit, the Cole family is one I think most of us would enjoy, but doubly so with Rabbit included. (And just between you and me, I’d move into Sarah’s cabin in a heartbeat! Sans the ghost of Lloyd Carter, of course. 😀 LOVE those mountains!) 🙂

        Here’s hoping your internet woes are over for a long time. Like forever! 😀 ❤

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  2. Hi Teri. I can relate to your Internet experience. I’m glad you were finally able to get to someone with enough critical thinking skills to fix it. Kudos to Michelle. And to Marcia on another great review. Be well, be happy. Hugs on the wing.

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  3. A boy called Rabbit…. sounds adorable, just from the title.
    Sorry your internet gave you trouble. When that happens to me I let someone else take care of it and I lose myself in my writing. It’s a win win for me.

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    1. Hubby is clueless with technology, so it’s always my job, Jina. I’d hate to think about the kinds of messes we’d be in if it were up to him, lol. Rabbit is quite a boy – I highly recommend the series.

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  4. Tried to make it over here yesterday, but ran out of time. You’d think with me working from home during this I would have more time. I’m busier than ever!

    Sorry about the internet woes. I was afraid speeds would be slower yesterday due to all the people working from home and students taking online classes. These are crazy times, but we’ll get through them.

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    1. Yes, we’ll certainly get through it, Joan. My youngest started his classes online yesterday. When I asked how it went, his response was only “Tedious”. At least he can’t complain so much about boredom now.

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