Images from #SubjectA36 #newrelease #YA #scifi

I swear the weeks leading up to the Subject A36 release are flying by.  Tomorrow will be February – where did January go?  And I’m still hoping for at least one good snow this winter.  Snow days are perfect for snuggling up with a good book.  Really, anytime is perfect to snuggle up with a book, right?  But now it’s time to delve more into the world of Subject A36.

The top left gives you an idea of how Asher and his team may look in the field.  They’re not always in full gear like this, but sometimes circumstances call for it.

On the right is Asher standing in front of the Insurgent compound.  In addition to field missions, perimeter checks and patrols are 24/7 duties for the operatives.

Then we come to Elijah.  He’s the extra eyes and ears of the Insurgents when they’re in the field.  As a tech genius, he’s yet to meet a security system he can’t hack, and when things have gone sideways for Asher and his team, Elijah has guided them to egress points and helped them avoid Colony soldiers.  As valuable as he is in the tech capacity, Elijah dreams of being a field operative where he can take a more active role in rescuing hostages.

Thanks for dropping by today – have a great weekend, guys!

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