#TheGentlemen, Writing, and #SubjectA36 Excerpt

Hubby and I had a good weekend.  Friday night was spent at our son’s concert (orchestra) – he cleans up pretty well and looks snazzy in a tux.  On Saturday, we saw The Gentlemen.  The first twenty minutes, we were pretty skeptical.  Not one laugh in the whole theater, and it was soooo slow.  Despite the movie having a fantastic cast, I prepared for disappointment.  But then it really took off, and received two thumbs up from us.  For me, Charlie Hunnam and Colin Farrell were standouts.  Check it out if you have time.

Something I saw on social media gave me a good laugh, and for all you writers out there, I’m betting you’ll have the same reaction.  Someone new to the industry – he’d never written a book, but had plans for one plus a sequel – stated he’d just live off the royalties for the first book while writing the second.  I’ll wait while you get a tissue to wipe away your tears of laughter.  It may come as a shock to some people, but none of us are in this business to get rich.  The majority of authors, both traditional and indie, have day jobs.  For a lot of us, writing is as necessary as breathing.  We can’t rest until the words are on the paper – or the characters won’t let us rest until their stories are told.  I hope it works out for him – it’s good to have goals – but talk about rude awakenings.  Poor guy.

Time for another teaser from Subject A36!  In this scene from Asher’s perspective, the Insurgents are in a strategy meeting planning their next mission, when they’re interrupted by a radio communication to Noah.  If you read my post from this past Friday, you know Noah is the Controller of this sector of Insurgents.  He’s just received information that several incoming vehicles have breached the outer barrier of their compound.  And they’re not Insurgents.

“How many vehicles?”

His radio crackled again.  “Ten trucks.  And I picked up five helicopters on radar.”

Noah stared into space, his eyes unfocused.  I knew the decision he warred with, and it’s something we’d planned for, a protocol Patrick had put in place but hoped would never be necessary.

He took a deep breath.  “Evacuation Protocol.  Send it out immediately.”

We’d drilled the Evacuation Protocol on a regular basis in the event our compound was infiltrated and we were forced to fight or withdraw.  First Patrick, and then Noah, made sure we were prepared if the time ever came.

And that time was here.

My gaze shot to Brynn.  Not all of us would escape this.  

Some of us would die.


20 thoughts on “#TheGentlemen, Writing, and #SubjectA36 Excerpt

    1. That could keep you laughing all day – maybe all week, John.

      The first 15-20 minutes were slow, but you’re really trying to figure out what exactly is going on. It didn’t take long before we were both enjoying it – and believe me, hubby is hard to please when it comes to movies.

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  1. Haha! It always makes me laugh when people say things like that. It’s good to have dreams, but that guy’s in for a rude awakening. All the titles I have out, and I don’t make enough with royalties between them all that I could live off them if it wasn’t for other income sources. I wish I had the kind of money people think we authors make. As soon as I do, I’m buying a house, and paying someone to do my cooking and cleaning for me. Well, I might help with the cooking sometimes.

    Glad you enjoyed the movie, despite the slow start. I’ve heard some of your son’s stuff on YouTube, so know you must have enjoyed his concert, and would have even if he wasn’t your son.

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    1. I like your idea about paying someone to do cooking and cleaning – then I could just read and write all the time. Perfect!

      Thanks so much for checking out his YouTube channel – he’ll be thrilled!


      1. That’s my thought… With breaks from time to time to watch movies and TV shows, go for walks with the dogs, and play with the chinchilla and tortoise. Plus, though I like cooking sometimes (when I’m in the mood for it) I hate cleaning, so there’s that too. 😉

        I’m actually following his YouTube channel.

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  2. Thanks for another terrific snippet, Teri!
    About the deluded newbie… What’s even worse is when someone like him actually gets that high-dollar result. o_O But seriously, it’s amazing that people think that way. When one of my coworkers back in DC learned I was (self) publishing a novel (back when I finished Atonement, Tennessee), she sincerely asked me when the movie would be made. She honestly thought that would be a normal progression. I wish!
    Hugs on the wing!

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