Greek Food, #YouSeason2, and #SubjectA36 Excerpt

Happy Monday!  Monday is probably the least popular day of the week for most people, but for me, it’s an opportunity to get started on my to-do list for the week.  I’ve mentioned it before, but if that list isn’t plastered to my face, I tend to wander around aimlessly like Dory in Finding Nemo.

Last week hubby and I celebrated our anniversary and his birthday, which is one day before – no way he can forget it, right?  Anyhoo, we went out with friends Saturday night to a local Greek restaurant.  It’s one we frequented several years ago, but then it closed.  Luckily, six years later, it reopened in a new location, and I couldn’t wait to dig into the tzatziki sauce (which I’ve tried to duplicate, with one epic fail after another) and the oozy honey goodness that is baklava again.  Good food and great friends – a fun night for everyone.

I finished the second season of You on Netflix.  It was just as good as the first season – even darker, but completely addictive.  It takes a talented writer to make you loathe nearly everything Joe has done (killing numerous people in his quest for love), and yet somehow you still want him to get his happily ever after.

It’s time for another excerpt from Subject A36!  Last week the ebook preorder wasn’t available, but it’s live now HERE.  To set up the teaser, Asher and Brynn practically grew up together, but their friendship evolved into a romantic relationship in their early teens.  Their relationship was fun to write because they challenge each other, are competitive to a fault, enjoy witty banter, and share an unusually deep bond.  In this scene, they’re considering adding a new member to their team of Insurgents and are observing him while he trains.

The way the other female recruits, and some of the males, looked at Declan made me wonder if he’d be a distraction in the field.  He was a few inches shorter than me, had a muscular build, startling blue eyes, and dark, wavy hair.

My gaze slid in Brynn’s direction to gauge her reaction.  “Well?”

Brynn considered Declan, tracking his movements about the training course.  “He’s a pretty boy, but he’s got the skill set.”

I grinned.  “Prettier than me?”

Brynn stood on her tiptoes, nuzzled my neck, and then whispered in my ear.  “No one’s prettier than you.”

And then I was distracted.  Focus, Ash.   

23 thoughts on “Greek Food, #YouSeason2, and #SubjectA36 Excerpt

  1. Oooo. Thanks for another sensational snippet. I really can’t wait to get my hands on this one, Teri.
    I haven’t seen any of “You” but last week I saw the actor who plays Joe on Colbert. It got me curious.
    Belated wishes for a happy anniversary (and birthday to your hubby)! What a delicious night out. So nice to have an old favorite place return! Hugs on the wing.

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    1. Thanks, Priscilla! Sinful is a perfect description of baklava. That first bite after so long (or so long without anything else living up to this one) was like a slice of heaven. Soooo gooood.


  2. I’m not as lost without my to-do list as you, but I still like Mondays and the fresh start to a whole new week they give you, even if when mine starts depends on my sleep schedule at the time.

    Happy birthday to your hubby, and happy anniversary to you both. I haven’t had proper Greek food since I went to see relatives in Cyprus as a child.

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    1. If I don’t have that list, it’s like my mind goes blank and I forget nearly everything I needed to do that day, Tori, lol. Probably because I’d rather be reading.

      And Greek food in Cyprus? I can’t even imagine.


      1. LOL! Yeah, extra reading – or writing – time is always welcome.

        Yeah, it was awesome. Got to help my Auntie with the cooking one time too. Shame I was only 11, and can’t remember details, I didn’t think to ask her about it afterwards, and now she’s no longer with us to ask. We kind of lost touch with the family after the deaths of the most immediate relatives (my Nan’s brother who went out there, and his wife… The latter being the auntie in question) so calling them now to ask for recipes and cooking tips would be kind of awkward, which is a shame. Still, it was an amazing experience. I even got to go to a proper Greek wedding. The kind where pretty much the whole neighbourhood seems to be there (they don’t openly invite everyone, but it seemed to be expected that anyone who wanted to come was welcome to do so, and the bride and groom didn’t bat an eyelid when a couple of strange British kids were in the lineup to shake hands with them and get a piece of cake).

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