Images from Subject A36 (The Colony Series #1) #teaser #YA #scifi #dystopian

Below are some images, courtesy of, that display the world of Subject A36.  I love it when I come across a picture that completely encompasses the setting as I imagined it for so long in my mind.  I try to collect them before and during the writing process to inspire me.

Starting in the upper left hand corner and moving clockwise, the first picture represents a long hallway in one of the many harvest centers the Insurgents infiltrate to rescue hostages taken against their will by Colony soldiers.  Without the Insurgents, these hostages would die a painful death when coveted genes are stripped from their body.

The next image is the abandoned warehouse that serves as the home for this particular sector of Insurgents.  Staying hidden from The Colony is crucial.  Fortunately, one of the Insurgents is a tech genius who’s come up with a way to evade radar detection.  It’s not much to look at, but for them, it’s home.

Just from the description, you know that scientific labs play an important part in this story.  For some characters, it’s a bigger part of their life than they’d ever imagined.

The bottom left image represents my main charater, Asher, and his team made up of his girlfriend Brynn, Oz, and Paige.  Rescuing hostages and battling Colony soldiers is a deadly business, and the team members trust each other with their lives.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into the world of Subject A36.  Next week I’ll introduce you to some of the characters.  Amazon now has both the ebook and paperback preorders linked HERE.

If genetic engineering could guarantee you and your family perfect health and unparalleled beauty, would you pay top dollar for it? Would you kill for it?

Residents of the Colony would. And do.

Only the Insurgents can stop them.

Seventeen-year-old Asher Solomon is a premier operative with the Insurgents. He and his team have rescued countless hostages, saving them from painful deaths in Colony labs as desirable genetic traits are stripped from their bodies.

He’s also suffered more losses than anyone should have to.

Then Asher gets intel that might give his people the upper hand. The Colony is searching for Subject A36. If the Insurgents determine the subject’s identity first, they might be able to turn the tide of the war.

Asher and his team embark on their riskiest mission ever, and the stakes have never been higher. But even if he survives the physical dangers, the devastating secrets he uncovers might destroy him.

19 thoughts on “Images from Subject A36 (The Colony Series #1) #teaser #YA #scifi #dystopian

    1. I agree, Diana – the images are really helpful. I also have a playlist for each book – I plan on sharing the list for this one in a couple weeks. Subject A36 releases February 13th – just around the corner!

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