Holidays, #KnivesOut, and Subject A36 Excerpt

The holidays are over, and I’m glad to be staying home until the end of February when I’ll go to a book fest.  We traveled a good bit from Thanksgiving until the end of December, and my suitcase needs a break!  Yesterday was spent taking down Christmas decorations and buying a new microwave.  The old one still worked, but was falling apart a piece at a time, and I’m pretty sure the radiation inside was escaping and eating away at my brain cells.  That just can’t be good.

Upon the recommedation of several friends, and also because my book club was going, hubby and I saw Knives Out over the weekend.  It was fabulous!  I was always a Miami Vice fan, so it was good to see Don Johnson again.  And Daniel Craig with a southern accent?  Doing comedy?  Totally worth it.  If you haven’t seen it, we highly recommend it.

Subject A36 releases February 13th, so every Monday and some Fridays until then, I’ll be promoting it with an excerpt, graphics, or maybe a giveaway.  Today I’m featuring an excerpt from the first chapter.  Paperback pre-orders are available HERE.  Ebook pre-orders should be available soon.  I’ll keep you updated.


“Asher!”  Mom gripped the porch railing and called for me.  Her voice cracked and was laced with tears.  Dad vaulted over the porch railing, landed solidly on the grass, and frantically scanned our expansive yard. 

My stomach clenched.  Something was very wrong.  “Over here!”

Dad’s gaze locked on mine.  “Code Exodus!  Now, Asher.  Run!”

Was this another drill?  We’d practiced twice a week, the times always unexpected, without fail for as long as I could remember.  Drills were a regular part of our life, like eating, sleeping, and homework.  Protocol was pounded into our brains.  There could be no hesitation. 

But this felt different.  Dad’s expression was tight and urgent.  Tears streamed down Mom’s face, and I knew.  This was no drill.  It was real this time.  We’d been found.  Code Tribe—we leave together.  Code Exodus—we leave without our parents. 

Code Exodus rules.    

Find Cami and Elsa. 

Grab the backpack.

Leave immediately. 

Don’t stop for anything or anyone.

Run to the Wallaces.

When my sisters could no longer keep up, hide them and keep running.

35 thoughts on “Holidays, #KnivesOut, and Subject A36 Excerpt

  1. Hi, Teri! Glad you had a wonderful vacation over the holidays.
    We’ve been microwave shopping, too, but haven’t found one we like best yet. Ours still works, but is falling apart. Not good.
    I’m really getting excited about your new book coming out. Love the bit you’ve teased us with so far. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We’re glad to be home, Barbara. We found a microwave at Lowe’s yesterday, but no date on delivery and installation yet. Sounds like both our current microwaves suffer from the same ailments, lol. Have a great week!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I already really wanted to read your new book after loving your others so much, but now I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to. So glad it comes out next month!

    We had to get a new microwave not too long ago too. Well, ours is new to us, since I mentioned to someone I needed one, and they had an as new microwave going for free, so… *shrugs* I’d have been daft not to take it, especially since it’s better than ours was when it was new. LOL! Our old one was doing a weird thing where we kept ending up with a puddle of water in the bottom of it, and the inside was rusting. Never known a microwave to do that before, but we figured it wasn’t a good plan to keep using it like that, hence the need for a new one.

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    1. Glad the excerpt piqued your interest, Tori!

      Wish someone had offered me a new microwave. That rusting and pooling of water can’t be a good thing. Condensation has started showing up on the door of ours – probably not good, either. Hopefully, we’ll have ours by the weekend. The sooner that old one is gone, the better I’ll feel.


  3. Unchaptered

    Subject A36 looks amazing Teri! Consider me hooked. Is it available to buy yet?

    P.s. Knives out was one of my favourite movies of the year too, it was brilliant 🤗

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    1. Thanks so much! Subject A36 doesn’t release until February 13, but it’s available for preorder in paperback at and I just got the ebook preorder link at Amazon hasn’t merged them yet, so they’re on separate pages.

      I’d have to say Knives Out was one of my favs also. So many laughs, and I enjoyed seeing some of the actors in such different roles from their usual ones.

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      1. Unchaptered

        Thank you Teri, I’m going to preorder the ebook. Looking forward you it 😊

        I’m a Chris Evans fan so it was nice to see him in a completely different role. But I have to say my favourite was Toni Collette, I loved her parts 😂

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