ARC #Giveaway Subject A36 (The Colony Series #1) #YA #scifi #fantasy

Subject A36 won’t be officially released until February 13th, 2020, but this is your chance to win an ARC before publication!

It’s not hard to enter.  All you need to do is:
1.  Tell me your favorite holiday movie (any holiday) in the comments below.
2.  Add Subject A36 to your Goodreads list HERE.

Entries are open until midnight Wednesday, December 11th, and the winner will be chosen at random and announced Friday, December 13th.  The giveaway will also run on my Facebook page and Instagram @tpolen6.  Good luck!

If genetic engineering could guarantee you and your family perfect health and unparalleled beauty, would you pay top dollar for it? Would you kill for it?

Residents of the Colony would. And do.

Only the Insurgents can stop them.

Seventeen-year-old Asher Solomon is a premier operative with the Insurgents. He and his team have rescued countless hostages, saving them from painful deaths in Colony labs as desirable genetic traits are stripped from their bodies.

He’s also suffered more losses than anyone should have to.

Then Asher gets intel that might give his people the upper hand. The Colony is searching for Subject A36. If the Insurgents determine the subject’s identity first, they might be able to turn the tide of the war.

Asher and his team embark on their riskiest mission ever, and the stakes have never been higher. But even if he survives the physical dangers, the devastating secrets he uncovers might destroy him.

43 thoughts on “ARC #Giveaway Subject A36 (The Colony Series #1) #YA #scifi #fantasy

  1. “Santa Clause: The Movie” is my favourite Christmas movie, and has been since I was a child. I watch it every year on Christmas Eve (except for that one year when I was in Canada, my copy was in the UK, and I had no way to do so). I’m talking about the 1985 movie with Dudley Moore in it.

    “Subject A36” is now on my to-read shelf (where it would have been going as soon as I knew it was on Goodreads anyhow, giveaway or not).

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      1. You’re welcome. Looking forward to reading the book. Also, don’t forget to send Bond over for a “Friends Of Furkid Friday” interview when you’re ready to promote it. 🙂

        You should definitely watch the movie… I think everyone who loves Christmas movies should watch it at least once. But I guess, since it’s my favourite, I would say that. 😉

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  2. I love, Shrek the Halls. Christmas isn´t Christmas without the ogre and his family and friends. We quote it in our house. Love those three little pigs with the German accent. I´m giggling just thinking about it. xo

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  3. That’s a tough question, Teri, but I’d go for ‘Holiday Inn’ as my favourite Christmas movie. I love all the singing and dancing in the film. The old classics are the best. If you’re looking for a good Christmas horror movie, ‘Black Christmas’ is a good one to watch.

    Good luck with the book launch.

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    1. I’ve never watched that one, Hugh. Other than Phantom of the Opera, I’ve never been much of a musical fan. The old classics I watch are It’s a Wonderful Life and a Peanuts Christmas, lol. I’ll have to check out Black Christmas. Krampus is probably the only Christmas horror movie I’ve seen. And thanks!

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  5. Subject A36 sounds excellent, Teri! I love the cover, too.
    When it comes to favorite Christmas movies, there are two I make certain to watch every year (I have them on DVD): Elf and A Christmas Carol (the version with Patrick Stewart as Scrooge). Love them both!

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  6. This is a terrific promo, Teri. I like what you’ve done with it.
    Halloween is my favorite holiday, my favorite “holiday movie” would have been an episode from “Psych.” Until last year… Now, even though I’m not much of a Christmas person at all, I absolutely love “The Christmas Chronicles” with Kurt Russell. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Hugs!

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  7. Don’t add me as I’m going to buy it when it’s released but my favorites are the classics (boring?) movies: It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol (the one with Patrick Stewart is awesome—my favorite right above the George C. Scott version). Also, I watch the Buffy Christmas episode, of course. 🎄😈

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