#BadMoonRising: The Resurrectionists (The Salem Hawley Series #1) by Michael Patrick Hicks #horror #occult

I’ve read several books by today’s author, and he can take you to some dark, uncomfortable places.  And that’s just one of the reasons I enjoy his books so much.  Somehow I missed his newest release – not sure how with such a stunning cover – but it’s going in my TBR.  Welcome Michael Patrick Hicks!

Would you rather walk through a haunted graveyard at midnight or spend the night in a haunted, abandoned house?

I’m not much of a believer in the supernatural, so walking through a (supposedly) haunted graveyard doesn’t seem like too big of a chore to me! If I had to spend the night in an abandoned house, I’d be more worried about my lack of a wi-fi or cell phone signal. I figure if I just have to talk a quick walk, that’s not much of a biggie, and I can go home and sleep in my own bed.

Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf? 

Vampire! I’m not a fan of shopping for new clothes and don’t want to risk ruining my favorite outfits. Plus, I’m not a big fan of losing control and being amnesiac (or worse, remembering what I did as a werewolf). Vamping out seems relatively easy, right? I get to sleep all day. Cool cool.

Would you rather be part of the X-Files team or Ghostbusters?

X-Files! I love Ghostbusters, don’t get me wrong, but I’d love nothing more than to team up with Mulder and Scully. I’d probably side with her more often than not, but I would absolutely relish each and every crazy theory and conspiracy Mulder comes up with.

If you had the opportunity to live anywhere in the world for a year while writing a book that took place in the same setting, where would you choose?

Alaska! My wife and I took an Alaskan cruise for our anniversary some time ago, and I’ve been itching to get back there. It’s such a beautiful region, and I’m a big fan of arctic terror, so this one’s a no-brainer for me. Put me in view of the mountains and glaciers, let me go wild with an Alaskan-set creature feature, and I’m in heaven!

What is your favorite cover of all your books?  Why?

My favorite is easily the cover Kealan Patrick Burke put together for The Resurrectionists. I love the tone it sets and the imagery is absolutely fantastic. I didn’t have much of a conception for what the cover should be, but as soon as Kealan sent me his first swing at the artwork, I was completely blown away. I don’t have any art prints of my covers, but this is one that I absolutely need to get printed and framed.

What are you working on now?

A few things, actually! I’m working on a short story for submission to an upcoming anthology, getting the drafts for books two and three in the Salem Hawley series ready for editing, as well as writing a new full-length novel that’s occupied my thoughts for a few years now. After committing a violent crime, a small group of robbers find themselves lost in the haunted woods of Northern Michigan. They’re pursued by not just the police but the ghosts of the past. It’s got a bit of police procedural elements to it, along with some occultism and, hopefully, some good scares! Like The Resurrectionists, it’s actually based on some real-life incidents that occurred in Michigan and a few local urban legends. At the time of this writing, I’m about 20,000 words into it, and I feel like I’ve got a long ways to go before I hit the head. There’s a lot of ground to cover in this one.

Having won his emancipation after fighting on the side of the colonies during the American Revolution, Salem Hawley is a free man. Only a handful of years after the end of British rule, Hawley finds himself drawn into a new war unlike anything he has ever seen.

New York City is on the cusp of a new revolution as the science of medicine advances, but procuring bodies for study is still illegal. Bands of resurrectionists are stealing corpses from New York cemeteries, and women of the night are disappearing from the streets, only to meet grisly ends elsewhere.

After a friend’s family is robbed from their graves, Hawley is compelled to fight back against the wave of exhumations plaguing the Black cemetery. Little does he know, the theft of bodies is key to far darker arts being performed by the resurrectionists. If successful, the work of these occultists could spell the end of the fledgling American Experiment… and the world itself.

The Resurrectionists, the first book in the Salem Hawley series, is a novella of historical cosmic horror from the author of Broken Shells and Mass Hysteria.

The Resurrectionists is a stunning achievement ─ an effective historical novel AND a brutal horror story. Salem Hawley is a fantastic protagonist I look forward to following in future stories.” – John Hornor Jacobs, author of The Sea Dreams It Is the Sky: A Novella of Cosmic Horror

“Gritty, grand and grotesque, The Resurrectionists is a mind-bending, Lovecraftian myth set in the murky underbelly of post-Revolutionary War Manhattan. It played out in my imagination in a palette of reds and browns like a lush Hammer horror film. Salem Hawley is a riveting avenger, and I’m eager to follow him on further macabre adventures.” – Chris Sorensen, author of The Nightmare Room

“As terrifying and action-packed as a slasher flick, but also saturated with literary merit at its core, exploring social issues like racism, classism, and the ramifications of medical experimentation. It was such a fun, provocative read. I can’t wait to see what direction he steers the plot in the second book.” – Jeremy Hepler, Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of The Boulevard Monster 

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Buy The Resurrectionists or read in Kindle Unlimited at https://www.amazon.com/Resurrectionists-Salem-Hawley-Book-ebook/dp/B07S3RWLKN

 Bio and Social Media

MICHAEL PATRICK HICKS is the author of Broken Shells: A Subterranean Horror Novella, Mass Hysteria, an Audiobook Listeners Choice Awards Horror Finalist, and Convergence, an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Finalist. He is a member of the Horror Writers Association and the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers.

In addition to his own works of original fiction, he has written for the online publications Audiobook Reviewer and Graphic Novel Reporter, and has previously worked as a freelance journalist and news photographer in Metro Detroit.

Michael lives in Michigan with his wife and two children. In between compulsively buying books and adding titles that he does not have time for to his Netflix queue, he is hard at work on his next story..

To stay up to date on his latest releases, join his newsletter at http://bit.ly/1H8slIg

Website: http://www.michaelpatrickhicks.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/authormichaelpatrickhicks
Twitter: @MikeH5856

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