#BadMoonRising Preview #horror #paranormal #thriller #IndieAuthors

Guess what time it is?  Tomorrow is October and that means it’s the season for Bad Moon Rising once again – thirty-one days of horror, paranormal, and thriller authors!  New writers to become acquainted with.  More books to add to your towering TBRs.  Can it get any better?

Below is a list of all the authors participating throughout the month.  Make sure to check back every day, and please share on your social media.

Matt Doyle
Joseph Carrabis
Sue Rovens
Jacob Paul Patchen
Len Boswell
Victoria Zigler
Eliza Lainn
D.L. Cross (Staci Troilo)
Mae Clair
John W. Howell
David Nora
Deby Fredericks
Shari Sakurai
C.S. Boyack
Roberta Eaton Cheadle
Hugh W. Roberts
Joan Hall
Teagan Riordain Geneviene
Austin Crawley
Morgan K. Tanner
Armand Rosamilia
Jonathan Pongratz
Brenda Marie Smith
Shelley Wilson
Michael Patrick Hicks
Chris Bauer
Laura Smith
Marisa Noelle
Darlene Foster
Steve Stred
D.G. Driver

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