Book Signing, #PennedCon2019, and #BadMoonRising

Vacation was fabulous!  And I’m ready to go back.  Out on the beach by 9 am under the umbrella where I stayed, book in hand, until 5 pm.  Perfection.

Yesterday I attended Victoria Schwab’s book signing at Parnassus Books in Nashville, and it was a full house.  She’s one of my favorite authors, and I’ve often said I’d love to spend a day in her head to see how her mind works.  Marcia, if you’re reading this, I told her you had cats named Rhy and Kell, and she asked why I didn’t have their pics.  But I do have the pic you requested I take with her!

This week, I’ll be leaving on Thursday for Penned Con in St. Louis.  Last year was my first time signing, and it was one of most well-organized book festivals I’ve attended – plus, the organizers donate the majority of the profits to charity.  And the fans!  Folks who have a deep passion for books, and I enjoyed talking with so many of them.  This year’s theme is Going Back to the 80s, and Thursday night is a trivia contest.  Considering I’m a child of the 80s, I’m thinking I might have an advantage.  My Save Ferris shirt is already packed.  It’s going to be an awesome weekend.

During my downtime at Penned Con, I’ll be working on the Bad Moon Rising posts.  I still have one opening for October 31st, and I always like to have extra authors on the backburner.  Seems like every year a couple of authors don’t return their info, so I always have extra slots.  If all the info is returned, I’ll schedule a few posts for the same day to make sure everyone is included.  Tell your friends!

Have a great week!


31 thoughts on “Book Signing, #PennedCon2019, and #BadMoonRising

  1. Wooohoooooo! You got the picture! And it’s a great one of you both. (Just so you know, I have saved it, but I swear I’m not a stalker. Just a fan of BOTH of you.) So nice to see two beautiful writers (in all senses of the word) smiling, side by side. I love it! And even though Kell and Rhy didn’t even blink when I told them that Victoria Schwab knew about them, *I* was quite excited! Haha! So glad you enjoyed it, Teri!

    And it sounds like Penned Con is going to be great fun. You’ll have to fill us in on the details when you return and can find the time. Good luck at the trivia! Even though I wasn’t a “child” of the 80s, I do remember them pretty well, and I love trivia. Most of all have a great time!

    *Going off giggling to myself, “Victoria Schwab knows about my cats!”*

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    1. I promised stalker never crossed my mind, lol. Schwab is always generous to her fans – she even showed up earlier than stated to sign books. Cats are so hard to impress.

      It’s going to be a busy weekend, but so much fun!

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  2. Reblogged this on The Write Stuff and commented:
    Teri Polen just returned from a Victoria Schwab book signing, and I’m so jealous! I wish I could have been there to meet BOTH Teri and Victoria, since I’ve thoroughly enjoyed books by each. Fun post, and Teri has another great event coming up soon, too. Thanks for mentioning Kell and Rhy to Victoria, too, Teri. (See, now I’m on a first name basis with her, as well. Hahahaha.) Check out Teri’s post, folks, and don’t forget to pass it along. If you haven’t read Teri’s “The Gemini Connection,” I highly recommend it and anything by Victoria Schwab, as well. 🙂

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    1. Actually, this is about the 3rd or 4th time I’ve met her. Since she lives in Nashville, she’s been at several local book fests and signings. And the 80s theme is awesome! I heard Aquanet hair spray is having difficulty keeping up with demand.

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  3. Mischenko

    Glad vacation went great, Teri. I admit, the thought of sitting in the beach with a book in hand all day is so enticing! I haven’t read any of Victoria’s books yet, but it’s a goal before the year ends. Have a great week and safe trip to St. Louis! 😊

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  4. Wow, this does sound like fun. Teri, do you find these book festivals like Penned Con to be worth the time and expense? I’m kind of reluctant with my mysteries because it’s usually expensive to participate and all the travel/hotel expenses, etc. From your experience, would you recommend attending book festivals and such to authors as worth it for sales and exposure?

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    1. With this one, because I’m there for three nights (several meals are included), I don’t expect to be in the black – not even close – but the expenses are tax deductable. I’ve talked to several authors who have attended Penned Con for years, and it’s more about the exposure and connecting with readers. Some of the paranormal/romance authors have built up a strong following, and some other YA authors I’ve spoken to said they’ve done better after attending a few years and establishing name recognition with readers. For me, it’s about meeting other authors and talking with readers. Maybe you could find one closer to home, Paula – give it a try!

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