On Vacation #AmReading #BeachReads #FreeBook

Along with visiting family, this is where I’ll be spending a chunk of time over the next several days.  I have my beach reads chosen and packed (kind of ambitious with three books, but I dream big) – hopefully I’ll get through a couple of them.  That doesn’t count what’s on my Nook and Kindle.

Behold the chosen ones:


Next Friday, August 30th, The Gemini Connection will be free on Book Barbarian.  I’ll post something here on that day and would deeply appreciate any sharing – thanks in advance!

See you guys on September 3rd!

41 thoughts on “On Vacation #AmReading #BeachReads #FreeBook

  1. I’m still pea-green with envy that you are going to a Schwab book signing. I SO wish I were tagging along! I truly love her works, and Kell & Rhy will be with me for the rest of my life! And, whilst I’m on the subject of great YA books, I finished The Gemini Connection and will be leaving you a review soon. Hopefully today. I SO enjoyed Evan and Simon, and their beautiful connection and loyalty to each other. That bond between brothers will pull me into a story every time, and you did a wonderful job with this one. (But I’m still worrying about Tage, and wondering if you might revisit this world in the future?)

    Enjoy your vacation! 🙂 ❤

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    1. What a way to start vacation! Thanks so much, Marcia – I’m thrilled you enjoyed my boys. I never planned a sequel, but I’d never close the door on it. It was hard to let go of those twins and move on.

      Schwab lives in Nashville, and since we’re only an hour away, I’ve been fortunate to meet her a few times. I’ve always said, I’d love to live inside her head for a day just to see how her mind works.

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      1. I hadn’t planned on writing a series with either of my first two books, either, but emails from readers convinced me I should. As for The Gemini Connection, I could see another book set in that world, since we don’t know the future for those folks. You could continue with the same excellent characters, since they are such fun to read about and just add a few new ones, or you could focus on someone brand new, and just maybe have Evan & Simon pop in here or there. Lots of ways you could go if you decided to revisit Tage. But I did find myself wondering how things would turn out for the population in the future. Do they have to abandon their home? Does someone find a way to salvage the planet? Those kinds of things. It could be fun for readers, though your writing plans may be heading in a whole different direction, of course.

        In the meantime, I’m trying not to let jealousy consume me, here. I have Schwab Envy. 😯 But I’ll pull myself together, soldier on, and will share your giveaway post on the 30th. Enjoy your vacation! 😀

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        1. All those suggestions about a sequel – you’ve planted a seed, Marcia! I was at the Decatur Book Festival yesterday and Schwab was appearing the same time I was talking at the SCBWI booth, so I couldn’t get over to her stage. But I’ll be at the book signing next Sunday!

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          1. Yay, on the seed planting thing. I think a revisit to see what’s in store for the good folks on Tage would be lovely. I know I’D buy it!

            And I hope you can get a picture of you with Schwab. I’m living vicariously through you, now. 😀 My cats, Kell and Rhy, will want to know how it goes, so I’ll be pestering you for details. 😀

            Seriously, I hope you have fun at the signing, and I hope your talk went well at SCBWI. We need pictures of that, too. 🙂 ❤

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  2. Enjoy your holiday. I always say a three-book holiday is the best. I usually read one on the way, one at the destination and one on the return trip. (unless I’m driving!) Do plenty of relaxing. xo

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