#Serengeti, #Otherhood, #AmWatching

It’s a hot, steamy Monday here.  Temps have been in the mid 90s for the past week, and this girl doesn’t venture outside very often when it’s that hot.

On the list for this week is getting ready for vacation and getting final edits in for the new book by Thursday.  I’m also sending out information for Bad Moon Rising.  If you’re interested in participating, I have six spots left.  Hurry and contact me!

Are any of you watching Serengeti on the Discovery Channel?  Hubby and I are addicted and completely taken with the animals this series is focusing on – a single mother lion trying to provide for her cubs after being shunned by her pride, a male baboon who adopts the orphaned baby of his ‘love interest’, a ‘teen’ male elephant struggling to find his place in the herd after his mother gives birth to his brother – the footage is heartwarming, comical, and even shocking at times, and the scenery is stunning.

We also watched a Netflix Original movie, Otherhood.  Three mothers whose grown sons forgot Mother’s Day decide to drop in on them unannounced in NYC.  It’s nothing that would win any awards, but an amusing way to spend 90 minutes or so.  Having sons, I found several things to laugh over.

Hope everyone has a great week – try to stay cool!


12 thoughts on “#Serengeti, #Otherhood, #AmWatching

  1. I haven’t seen either show you mentioned but I did see previews of Serengti and it looks pretty awesome.

    We’ve had 90s here too with lots of humidity. I’ve been spending time in the pool and reading.

    Hope you have a fab vacation!

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