#AmReading, Book Stuff, and #AmWatching

With Book 3 in the hands of my beta reader, last week I treated myself to seven days of mostly just reading.  It was wonderful, relaxing, and with hubby out of town, very quiet.  Just me and the cat, and dinner out with friends one night.  This week will be different.  I need to get started on the book description, and a list of authors to contact for blurbs.  If anyone wants to volunteer, feel free!

Then there’s still the title, of course.  Epiphanies and lightning bolts of ideas are in short supply around here.  I keep waiting for the perfect words to fall from the sky and appear…somewhere.  Billboards, songs, books I’m reading – still nothing, so far.  The waiting continues.

This past weekend was Keanu Reeves-themed – not planned, it just kind of happened.  On Saturday, hubby and I saw John Wick 3.  Not as good as the first one, in my opinion, but still a darn good summer movie.  On Netflix, we watched Always Be My Maybe, a rom-com (hubby loves them), in which Keanu has a small role and plays ‘an extreme comedic version of himself’.  Trust me, it’s hilarious.  The movie was enjoyable, and if you’re a fan of rom-coms, I’d recommend watching it.  I’ve been a Reeves fan since Point Break, and was also thrilled to hear he’s voicing a character in Toy Story 4 – which I hope to see in the next couple of weeks.

Several weeks back, I mentioned Black Summer, a zombie apocalypse show on Netflix.  After watching the first four episodes, I decided these characters were too stupid to live, and I was rooting for the zombies.  Weeks passed, and I gave it another chance.  Stupidity is still rampant, but there are also plot holes big enough for a zombie horde to easily pass through.  Verdict:  I’m done.  Life is too short.

33 thoughts on “#AmReading, Book Stuff, and #AmWatching

  1. The quiet reading time sounds lovely.

    If you give me a shout when book three is released, the cat can come be a friend of Furkid Friday on my blog. I’ll be looking for new furry friends for my furkids to interview in a couple of months. It’s not much, but any extra opportunity to put your book in front of people helps, right?

    Glad you enjoyed the movies. Sorry the zombie show wasn’t as good as you hoped it would be though.

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    1. It sure was lovely, Tori. Not often I get opportunities like that.

      Bond would love to be a guest on Furkid Friday – thanks so much for the offer! And yes – any publicity helps.


    1. I’d love to have more weeks like that, Jacqui, *sigh* but real life doesn’t allow it very often. With new shows, I’m like you – if they can’t hook me after the first few episodes, I’ll move on. A lot more out there to try.


  2. Zombie rooting, huh. ONce in a whilke we have to cheer on the good guys.
    I mean stupid characters make us want to see a writer devoured while we scratch
    our heads wondering how he had his work published/filmed.

    Thanks for the romcom tip.
    Will catch it this week.
    Have a great week..

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  3. I hate coming up with titles. They’re almost as bad as blurbs, LOL.

    I haven’t had Netflix for a awhile but I think Stranger Things returns next month so I’ll sign up again. I’m not much for zombies to begin with, so I’ll definitely avoid Black Summer.Like you said–life is too short!

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    1. I know what you mean, Misty – I’ve been in kind of a slump lately also when it comes to watching stuff. I’ve been watching old episodes of Arrested Development. I’ve seen them all before, but the first few seasons are amazing.

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  4. Hi Teri. Good luck with the title. Too bad “Rooting for the Zombies to Win” doesn’t fit. I think you accidentally hit on a good one with that. 😉 Yeah, I know that wasn’t what you meant, but still… Netflix keeps offering me Black Summer. Now I’m glad I didn’t bother investigating.
    I’ve been having fun with “IMDb” where there are a ton of old TV shows. I’ve caught obscure and/or long forgotten gems like Saphire and Steel (Ducky from NCIS while still young with the woman from Absolutely Fabulous). UFO, and many more recognizable.
    Have a good week. Hugs!

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    1. You’re not missing anything with Black Summer, Teagan. We’ve started watching The Chef Show on Netflix. Hubby loves cooking shows, and he’s not a zombie fan, so the times we can can find something we’ll both watch are few and far between. Hugs right back!

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  5. I’ve been watching a bunch of Keanu Reeves movies on Amazon Prime. I love him. I wish I could find John Wick 2 and 3. I loved the first chapter and I can’t wait to see all of them.

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