#AmWriting, #AmReading, and Austria

If you were here last Monday, you know I’d taken off four days from work to finish Book 3 and get it to my beta reader by Thursday.  I DID IT!!!  Friends, that was four days of intensive writing, revising, and editing.  My butt was glued to the chair, my bed, at the kitchen table – wherever I felt inspired.  But when I sent it to her, it was such a relief – the clouds parted, and there might have been joyous singing involved.  Thankfully, not by me.  But the happy dancing was all me.  I’m still not where I want to be with the word count, but I suspect my beta will let me know several areas where I need to beef it up, and over the weekend, I came up with more to add at the end.

So this week, I plan to get around to all the blogs I’m behind on, and do ALL THE READING.  I have several books to catch up on from friends, book club, and those for review.  I also need to visit Canva and Bookbrush to create some new social media images – mine are getting a bit stale.  When it comes to those, I’m seriously lacking in skill.  My inbox is down to 220 – from 346.  Progress is being made.

I mentioned a couple of months back my youngest son would be in Austria for four weeks taking classes.  He’s having a fantastic time hiking (claims he almost fell off a mountain – he’s a little dramatic), trying new food (hot chocolate with caramel popcorn on top – I question the logic in this), and traveling (going to Italy twice).  Here are some pics he sent.  Have a great week!


34 thoughts on “#AmWriting, #AmReading, and Austria

  1. Congrats on meeting your goal. We writers are so goal oriented, aren´t we? But I guess that´s a good thing. Looks like your son is having a good time. I recognized a couple of those pictures from my time in Austria. Good for him. Enjoy your success. I can´t wait to hera the name you come up with for book 3.

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    1. Thanks, Darlene – such a relief. My son’s having a fantastic time. He’s a little more adventurous than my oldest (when it comes to traveling, anyway), and has no qualms about going to foreign countries. He always makes the most of it. I can’t wait to hear the name of Book 3 either, lol.

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  2. I KNEW you’d pull off that draft! I’m doing a Snoopy dance for you, Teri. Way to go!

    The pics are great, too. What wonderful experiences for your son. Er, even with that weird hot chocolate/popcorn thing.

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    1. I did see your reply, but thanks for checking back, Tori. I remember seeing The 13th Tale everywhere when it was released, but it’s something I never got around to reading. From what I’ve read, I also think I’d enjoy that one more.

      And no title yet on the book – told my beta to feel free to offer any suggestions!


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