#AmWriting, #OWSCyCon2019, and #PennedCon

Here we are at Monday morning again.  I don’t know about you, but May is flying by – which isn’t a good thing for me, since I’m trying to get Book 3 (yes, still unnamed) to my beta reader by the first week of June.  I’ve worked on it every spare minute I could scrounge up, but with other obligations, I’m still feeling the pressure.  I’ll just keep chanting my favorite mantra, courtesy of Dory from Finding Nemo – ‘Just keep swimming.’

This was my first year participating in OWS CyCon, and it didn’t go as smoothly as I’d hoped.  If any of you attempted to vote (and I deeply appreciate your efforts), I’m sure you noticed the brackets were screwed up.  As of yesterday, things still weren’t running smoothly.  Friday and Saturday showed The Gemini Connection making it past a few rounds.  This morning, it shows I didn’t make it past the first.  Sometimes technology is a pain in the a*$.  Besides my Top 5 Sci-Fi Movie Influences post that ran HERE on Saturday, I was also a guest on Ellen Mint’s blog HERE talking about world-building in The Gemini Connection.  Stop by if you’d like to know more about Evan and Simon’s world.

I’ve been looking for some new book festivals to attend.  If you’re familiar with Penned Con in St. Louis, the organizers are hosting a new Penned Con in Charleston, SC, February 29, 2020 (not to replace the event in St. Louis).  Having lived in SC for over 18 years, and with family still there, I registered for it.  I haven’t been to Charleston in quite a while, so I’m really looking forward to it.  If you’ve never visited, you’re missing out on tons of history, delicious food, and Southern hospitality.

While looking for new book events, I came across Deadly Reality in early November at The Stanley Hotel in Colorado – the same hotel where Stephen King wrote The Shining.  How cool would it be to attend that?  Talk about atmosphere!  Maybe I could soak up any leftover vibes of his creativity – a girl can dream.

Have a great week – happy reading and writing!

21 thoughts on “#AmWriting, #OWSCyCon2019, and #PennedCon

    1. I wish I could. I have to turn it into the publisher by August 1st, and I want to give the beta and editor enough time with it, and also allow myself time for edits. Luckily, I seem to work better under pressure. Thanks, Drew – and have a great week!


  1. I’m sorry the OWS CyCon didn’t work out as planned. It seems there were a lot of glitches all the way around. Hopefully they can do better next year.

    Wow, would I love to attend Deadly Reality (unless the hotel is haunted, of course, LOL).

    Wishing you the best in Charlottesville. I left you a comment on Ellen Mint’s blog!

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  2. Sorry it didn’t go as well as you hoped, Teri. I haven’t gone to a festival or convention in a long time. Maybe next year, since this year is almost over. Ha ha. I’m still working on a first draft. It’s been taking me forever. My goal is also the end of May. *Keep Swimming*

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  3. Nothing is ever easy in life, Teri. I also sweated it, trying to get Through the Nethergate finished for my publishers deadline. I am not so sure about Stephen King lately. I loved his early works but the more recent stuff just isn’t in the same league for me.

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    1. I’m also a fan of his earlier works, Robbie. Just read yesterday that Salem’s Lot is being made into a movie for the big screen, not TV. That’s always been one of my favs. Yesterday went well for the WIP, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed the next few go just as smoothly.

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