My Top 5 #SciFi Movie Influences #OWSCyCon2019 #YA

I’m pretty sure I was born a sci-fi geek.  From a young age, I can remember being captivated by sci-fi movies and books.  Normal generally bored me – I lived in the world of normal.  It was the unusual, otherworldly, and improbable that held me spellbound.  Today, I thought I’d share with you the five science fiction movies that made the biggest impressions on me.  Rather than listing least to most favorite, these are listed chronologically.

5.  Planet of the Apes  I’m totally dating myself, but I was in grade school when these movies came out, and I was instantly hooked.  Seeing Charleton Heston awaken to another world where apes were in charge – and they spoke?  I never knew movies like this existed.  But when he saw what was left of the Statue of Liberty at the end, my young mind was blown.

4.  Star Wars  You had to see this one coming.  Light sabers, talking droids, powerful Jedis, space travel, and such detailed world-building – instant obsession.  I’m a fan of the whole series (except any scenes including Jar Jar Binks – such a travesty), and after watching A New Hope, my next obsession was the video game adaptation at the local arcade.  I personally destroyed the Death Star many times over.  You’re welcome.

3.  The Terminator  This movie is at the root of my love of just about anything involving time travel.  It didn’t hurt that Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) looked the way he did.  As Sarah Connor, I would have accepted his offer in a heartbeat.  But seriously, the whole premise that John Conner sent a soldier back in time to protect Conner’s mother – and that man was Conner’s father?  I turned that one over in my mind for days.  I’ll still watch that movie when it’s on.

2.  The Matrix  I was a Keanu Reeves fan long before I saw this movie.  Besides the effects being off the charts cool, once I understood what the Matrix was?  And Neo was The One?  I fell hard for this one, and the sequels that followed.  The idea that what you perceive is reality isn’t, but some people choose to live that way had my head spinning for days.  It might have been my first experience with alternate realities.

1.  Inception  Speaking of cool effects – even if you didn’t get Inception, there’s no denying they were visually stunning.  The whole entering someone else’s consciousness impacted me deeply.  If you ask me, that token fell, and Dom was reunited with his children.

Parts of my young adult sci-fi/fantasy novel, The Gemini Connection, were heavily influenced by The Matrix and Inception.  One of my main characters, Evan, is a Mindbender who enters the minds of others and connects thoughts and concepts, and occasionally battles nightmares.  Evan also shares an unusual connection with his twin, Simon, that is instrumental in saving their dying planet.  To find out more about my books, you can look around here, on my website, or check out my virtual booth here.  I’ve also written a young adult horror novel, Sarah.  Info on that book is included in my sci-fi booth, or you can visit my booth under the horror section here.

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30 thoughts on “My Top 5 #SciFi Movie Influences #OWSCyCon2019 #YA

  1. I can’t argue with #5 through #2, as I loved all four of those movies, too. Can’t even decide what order I’d list them in. I haven’t seen Inception, but it sounds intriguing. I don’t watch many movies these days as my hearing is bad, and closed captioning, though helpful, often distracts me too much. And I totally agree with the impact of seeing the Statue of Liberty half buried in the sand. I wasn’t all that young when I saw this movie, but I still remember I wanted to throw myself down beside Charlton Heston and cry!

    Fun post, Teri! 🙂

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    1. I don’t think I could put them in order, Marcia – I loved something different about all of them, but they all made such a lasting impression on me. That Statue of Liberty shot is a classic. I thought about that one for days!

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  2. I haven’t seen all of these but #5 and #4 made a huge impression on me. I was never really gone on The Terminator, but I remember a few other Sci-Fi Classics that stick in my head, chief among them The Andromeda Strain. I saw that as a kid and it sticks with me to this day. Logan’s Run was another from way back. Other worlds always made a huge impression on me. Yes, I was a geek. Still am, LOL.

    Hope you’re having a blast at the virtual con!

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    1. I can remember watching Logan’s Run years ago. I never saw the Andromeda Strain, and what’s even stranger is that I never read it – one of the few Crichton books I’ve missed. I didn’t care as much for the other Terminator movies, but the first one will always be a favorite.

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  3. The new voting portal works, and I’ve got you covered. Speaking of dating ourselves. I remember it being a burden that I had to walk several miles to the matinee – alone- with two quarters to watch Planet of the Apes. My grandparents were watching me that weekend (Sadly both gone now) and this was the only way I was going. In those days, kids were allowed out on their own, but not getting a ride was a drag.

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    1. That voting portal is screwed up – I’ve tried voting for you numerous times, but it won’t let me. Sarah had several votes, but lot all of them. With the sci-fi portal, it’s now back to the first round – but I can’t vote.

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      1. Lanternfish tied, but somehow the other cover was declared winner. I never got word of the paranormal stuff until the first round was over. I didn’t get to rally the troops there. Getting involved was a gamble, sometimes they don’t work out.

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    1. I could never get into the Star Trek series, but I love the newer movies. I can also remember watching Battlestar Galactica many years ago, but probably couldn’t name one character now. It’s been a while!

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  5. Today’s my last day with my daughter and I’m woefully behind. I’ll never catch up on blog posts and will just have to delete most of them and start with a fresh inbox. But I HAD to comment on this one because I think you and I share a brain. What a phenomenal list. LOVE THEM ALL!

    I may steal—er, borrow—this idea and do a similar post soon.

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    1. Hope you’ve had a wonderful visit with your daughter, Staci! This is how I felt after being away from WiFi for a few days – I just had to delete and start over.

      Glad you enjoyed my list – always knew you had excellent taste, lol! Feel free to steal/borrow.

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  6. Beware Of The Reader

    Don’t throw rocks Teri but …I have never been a scifi movies fan! I have recently begun reading scifi books and I must confess they all were 5 stars so …there is hope LOL

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    1. No throwing of the rocks, Sophie – I married someone who also won’t watch sci-fi movies, and he’s not much of a reader, either. Guess what they say about opposites is true, lol. Like you said, you’re reading sci-fi, so there’s hope!


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