Laundry, #AuthorInterview, and #OWSCyCon2019 #giveaway

Last week, I mentioned I’d be out of town for a few days helping the oldest son get settled in his new apartment.  Over the last week, I’ve washed more loads of clothes than the previous two months combined.  With everything the oldest son needed washed, then the youngest son moving out of the dorm and having a couple weeks worth of clothes, combined with hubby’s laundry from the few days I was gone, I feel like I’ve been changed to the W/D over the past several days.  If you read about a sudden water shortage in KY – you’ve found the culprit.

One of my publishing sibs, Hannah R. Goodman, interviewed me for her 9 Questions series on her blog – hop over and read about authors that have influenced my writing, and the three books I’d want with me if stranded on a desert island (I might have cheated just a bit on that one).  Stay around and check out Hannah’s new YA contemporary release, Till It Stops Beating.

This coming weekend, May 17th through 19th, I’m taking part in OWS CyCon in the horror and sci-fi/fantasy genres (many more are listed on the home page).  You can visit participating authors’ virtual booths, vote in cover and character wars, and read posts on a plethora of topics.  There’s also a huge giveaway of 22 ebooks and an Amazon card here – make sure to register!  Go to the home page for a schedule and get in on the fun this weekend.


27 thoughts on “Laundry, #AuthorInterview, and #OWSCyCon2019 #giveaway

  1. A great interview and I like how you managed to use a series as your three books. I think it is totally fair! Glad you got caught up on your laundry. Hope you had a nice Mother’s Day!

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    1. I’m almost there, Tori. When the youngest son got home on Saturday, he mentioned he was out of underwear and socks. And had a date that night. Took that as a not so subtle hint he needed laundry ASAP, lol.


    1. It’s connected to the word ‘blog’ – I’ve tried changing the color when I include a link, but WP won’t let me, so it doesn’t stand out very much.

      Almost anything beats laundry, Diana – have a great week!

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      1. Found it and read it! I agree, writing is the easy part about publishing with marketing as the hardest. I still need to read ‘a shade of magic’ but I knocked down the first in the ‘monsters of verity’ duo. Great interview!

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  2. Love that graphic! And, my kids keep taking my laundry baskets and then leaving their folded clothes in, so when I need it I either have to dump out their folded clothes or go buy more baskets. Guess which one I choose?

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