Moving, #AmWriting, #BookFest, #EndGame

A lot is happening at the Polen household over the next few months.  It started this past weekend with moving my older son to a different state.  He’s accepted another job within his company that required him to move a couple of hours away from where he currently resides, so guess how I spent my Easter weekend?  But this is an excellent opportunity for him, and he found a fantastic apartment.

The youngest son is finishing up this college semester in a few weeks, but will then be spending four weeks studying in Austria.  A week after he returns, we’ll be moving him into a new apartment for the fall semester.  Hubby just hopes the apartment will be on the ground floor (still popping Tylenol from this weekend)!

I signed a contact for my WIP (yes, it’s still titled Book 3, in case you were wondering).  My deadline is August 1st – and I’m remaining calm.  I’ll get this done.

You guys – this coming weekend.  I’m like, stupid excited.  Not only is it the local book festival, where I’ll meet author Angie Thomas and many of my favorites, it’s two days of writing classes, panels, and books, books, books!  I’ll try to restrain myself, but be prepared for a picture of my book haul next Monday.

And then Saturday at 3pm?  Do I really need to tell you where I’ll be?  Avengers:  Endgame!!!!

31 thoughts on “Moving, #AmWriting, #BookFest, #EndGame

  1. Mischenko

    Sounds like a busy Easter weekend, Teri! Congrats to your son and to you for your new book contract. Exciting! My oldest son is flying out to Cali this week which will likely advance his career, so I’m excited for him but nervous as well. Can’t wait for Endgame! I just hope I don’t hate how everything turns out. 😉

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    1. Congrats to your son also, Jenn! I understand about the nervousness. So excited for Endgame – and it over 3 hours! I probably won’t drink anything several hours before the movie – hate to get up and miss something, lol.

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    1. Thanks, Robbie! I know you’ve heard it before, but time really flies. When the oldest son was 9 years old, hubby said, “Just think about it – it’s already been half the time he’ll live with us.” I nearly smacked him.


  2. Congrats to your sons on all they have going on. It’s a good thing mom and dad are there to assist with the moves, LOL.

    And huge congrats on signing the book deal. Way to go! I know you’ll pull off that deadline!

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  3. You’re so busy, but all in a good way. Wishing your son lots of luck at his new job. I’m sorry he moved away, but it’s not too far.

    Congratulations on signing the Book 3 contract. (I’ve decided to capitalize it like a proper title and won’t be at all surprised when that’s what’s on the cover. LOL) Wishing you much success with it. I know you’ll make the deadline.

    And heck, yeah, Avengers: Endgame!

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    1. Thanks, Staci! I think he’ll love the new job, and he’s only 1.5 hours further away. It’s an easy drive – all interstate. Avengers – yes! I heard some guy named RDJ will be in it. Know anything about him (lol)?

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