#BookFest and #ComicCon

I had such a great weekend!  The book festival went well, and I sold a good number of books, made new connections, and met some wonderful readers and authors.  It never gets old talking about books, does it?  One reader and I were discussing how our golfer hubbies can recall what they shot on a certain hole a decade ago, and how crazy that is.  But if you ask a reader about a well-loved book they read years ago, many of them can quote lines and tell you the page it came from – guess it’s not so different.

Here are some pics of my new banner and table setup.  We had cramped quarters.  Unbeknownst to the organizer, the hotel underwent some renovations and had cut the size of the ballroom by half, but it all worked out in the end.  And my table mate never showed, so I was able to spread out.

Hubby and I also saw my oldest son and his girlfriend – always a good time.  After the book fest, I went to Comic-Con with them at Rupp Arena.  I was in nerd heaven!  Some of the costumes were so elaborate and well done – just amazing.  I rode the elevator with Star Wars characters, saw Ghostbusters, Star-Lord, Captain Jack Sparrow – the list goes on.  I also caught a glimpse of Mark-Paul Gosselaar from The Passage.  I’m hoping since he still has the beard, they’re already filming the second season – keeping my fingers crossed.  If you’re a fan of The Office (which I am), here’s a shot of Creed.  I wasn’t able to get pics of Leslie David Baker (Stanley), Kate Flannery (Meredith), or Oscar Nunez (Oscar), but it was fun to see them.

Happy reading and writing this week!


30 thoughts on “#BookFest and #ComicCon

        1. Don’t think I’m creative enough to make my costume, Matt. It’s an accomplishment for me to sew on a button. My oldest son has gone as The Punisher – he and a friend met Jason Momoa pre-Aquaman hype.

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  1. Congratulations on a good book show. The banner looks great and it sounds like it was both fun and successful.

    Comic-Con looks like a blast. Beards are in, so I wouldn’t take that as proof The Passage is shooting season 2, but my fingers are crossed with you.

    Glad you got to see your son and his girlfriend and had such a good time.

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  2. Mischenko

    Looks like an amazing weekend, Teri! The banner looks great! Good that you were able to visit with your son and his girlfriend as well.

    Costumes are so much fun. I always remember a Captain Jack that visited the hospital where my daughter was staying. He didn’t just do the costume, but he sounded like him, walked like him, and acted like him too. It was so cool and we still reference him after all these years. Comic-con is on my list of things to do! 😉

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    1. So did this guy! The kids loved him, and he never broke character. There was even a Krampus, and the costume looked like it was straight out of the movie. You should try to go to one – I had no idea this was a yearly thing in Lexington. They seem to be all over the country.

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      1. Mischenko

        That’s so cool! This was in Chicago, but I almost wonder if it could be the same guy lol. You never know with this small world.

        I definitely want to go. I actually used to sew Renaissance costumes as a part-time job not too long ago and I’ve always had a thing for making costumes. So much fun!

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    1. What’s strange is that my son has lived in Lexington for the past 7 years, and this is the first time he knew of a Comic-Con being held there, Jina. Now he’s mad he missed so many, lol.


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